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March 16, 2005

Billmon: 03/16

David Horowitz's (Losing) Battle With the Truth
After reading Billmon I´d say he lost that battle a long time ago.

Forgive and Forget

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Is there sanything wrong with DAILY KOS? I hven't been able to get their site for the last day or so.

Posted by: Lupin | Mar 16 2005 10:51 utc | 1


Kos is having DNS problems. You can view Kos using IP address,

or read this diary on how to login and post,

Posted by: aemd | Mar 16 2005 10:59 utc | 2

Thank you!

Accident or sabotage?

Posted by: Lupin | Mar 16 2005 11:03 utc | 3

Is billmon perhaps being a little tough on Hezbollah? The 1983 barracks bombing was horrible, cruel, and tragic, but was it -- precisely -- terrorism? And Hezbollah was at the forefront of resistance against Israel's 22-year illegal occupation of Lebanon.

Hezbollah fighters aren't Boy Scouts (although they probably share the BSA's raving contempt for gays), but aren't they a bit more of a mixed bag compared with free-floating Islamofascists like al Qaeda?

(I usually don't post anonymously but prefer not to see responses from spammers and/or Judge Chertoff.)

Posted by: anon | Mar 16 2005 16:03 utc | 4

Billmon's new post "Scenes From the Cultural Revolution" is a tour de force. It needs no comments. (It needs to be published in the MSM).

Posted by: DM | Mar 17 2005 11:46 utc | 5

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