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March 14, 2005

Billmon: 03/14

It's laundering, basically: Signed Sealed Delivered

The Camera as Weapon: Home Movies

Channeling Moon of Alabama (again ;-) ): Modernizing Hemingway

Billmon is really great at finding the right contrast to demask the issue.

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This is just a heads up. Yesterday I launched a left-leaning political Scoop site that should be very familiar to users at Daily Kos. It is designed, hopefully, to be more useful to international users. Jerome told me that a lot of y'all here might be interested in taking a peek.

So, it you are interested the link is: Http://



Posted by: BooMan | Mar 14 2005 23:53 utc | 1

yes. from the descriptions, and if they're anything like the photo gallery Fran pointed out a couple weeks back, these home movies could be of use for the legal teams documenting war crimes, and surely are already useful for psychologists, social critics and anti-war activists. the camera may be a weapon, but the victims are not necessarily those being shot.

Posted by: b real | Mar 15 2005 5:01 utc | 2

"not necessarily only those being shot"

Posted by: b real | Mar 15 2005 5:02 utc | 3

The liberators make fetish of the liberated, Susan Sontag anamated in her grave.

Posted by: anna missed | Mar 15 2005 9:54 utc | 4

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