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October 12, 2004

Who? Me?


Your caption?

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How The Grinch Stole Another Election!

Posted by: b real | Oct 12 2004 14:52 utc | 1

What bulge?

Posted by: beq | Oct 12 2004 15:13 utc | 2

CNN 24 Feb 2004

"So far, all we hear is a lot of old bitterness and partisan anger," Bush said. "Anger is not an agenda for the future of America. We are taking on big issues with strength and resolve and determination -- and we stand ready to lead this nation another four years."

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Oct 12 2004 15:39 utc | 3

Caption ? Here is one from the AFP:

"March 11, 2005 - Former President Bush on the way to The Hague where he will stand trial for war crimes and other accusations. He and top officials of his administration were surrendered to the ICJ by the incoming Kerry administration after tense negotiations which cemented the view that the actions of the Bush administration were not compatible with international law or the Nuremberg Principles. Kerry commented that it was in the best interest of U.S. relations with the international community to take this painful step. It emerged that the Spanish government had taken the initiative behind the scenes to bring the Bush II administration before the ICJ after conclusive evidence surfaced that American operatives had been behind the March 11, 2004 bombings in Madrid. A number of officials of the previous Spanish administration have been imprisoned during the last weeks for various charges related to these bombings. In the U.S., Perle, Wolfowitz and Feith have escaped arrest by fleeing to Israel. Strong international pressure is on Sharon to surrender the trio, whose involvement in stealing at least US$ 8 Billion of Iraqi funds together with Paul Bremer has been documented. Bremer is among those to stand trial in The Hague for war crimes."

Posted by: name | Oct 12 2004 16:02 utc | 4

In my dreams, name.

Posted by: beq | Oct 12 2004 17:30 utc | 5

"You're next, expletive!"

Posted by: Jérôme | Oct 12 2004 17:31 utc | 6

I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!

Posted by: Dan of Steele | Oct 12 2004 17:53 utc | 7

A Portrait of Wolfowicz As A Young Man

Posted by: FlashHarry | Oct 12 2004 17:59 utc | 8

We wantssss it, my Precioussss... we wantssss it!

Posted by: DeAnander | Oct 12 2004 18:22 utc | 9

The Uruk-hai have returned!

Posted by: Aigin | Oct 12 2004 18:31 utc | 10

quoting j.j. cale: "If you got bad news, you wanna kick them blues..."

Posted by: b real | Oct 12 2004 18:33 utc | 11

I don't know about a caption per se, but what a hideously appropriate snap of the ogre-in-chief!

Is that the portrait he keeps "locked away" in the attic -- you know, the one that keeps "changing"? ;-)

Posted by: JMFeeney (USA) | Oct 12 2004 20:37 utc | 12

"Enraged ape captured in front of giant flag."

Posted by: bd | Oct 12 2004 20:54 utc | 13

bd has won my prize anyway

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Oct 12 2004 21:11 utc | 14

By my actions my soul has been revealed.

Posted by: sukabi | Oct 12 2004 21:11 utc | 15

look pa, no soul

still steel

Posted by: remembereringgiap | Oct 12 2004 21:37 utc | 16

When my arms wrap you round I press
My heart upon the loveliness
That has long faded from the world;
The jewelled crowns that kings have hurled
In shadowy pools, when armies fled;
The love-tales wrought with silken thread
By dreaming ladies upon cloth
That has made fat the murderous moth;
The roses that of old time were
Woven by ladies in their hair,
The dew-cold lilies ladies bore
Through many a sacred corridor
Where such grey clouds of incense rose
That only God's eyes did not close:
For that pale breast and lingering hand
Come from a more dream-heavy land,
A more dream-heavy hour than this;
And when you sigh from kiss to kiss
I hear white Beauty sighing, too,
For hours when all must fade like dew.
But flame on flame, and deep on deep,
Throne over throne where in half sleep,
Their swords upon their iron knees,
Brood her high lonely mysteries.

Oh, who is the President of the USA?

Posted by: Cloned Poster | Oct 12 2004 21:59 utc | 17

Whaaterrye lookin' at, punk?

Posted by: MarcinGomulka | Oct 12 2004 22:33 utc | 18

@ CP: Nice.

Posted by: beq | Oct 12 2004 23:03 utc | 19

CP in a landslide.

Posted by: Citizen | Oct 12 2004 23:35 utc | 20

Gotta keep that pretzel salt away from the Vaseline.

Posted by: biklett | Oct 12 2004 23:47 utc | 21

Mom always liked you better.

Posted by: Jack | Oct 12 2004 23:48 utc | 22

Smirky imitates Snarly.

Posted by: | Oct 12 2004 23:57 utc | 23

If looks could kill,....

oh, wait.

Posted by: gylangirl | Oct 12 2004 23:59 utc | 24>why our jests about unmarked sedans are not entirely funny

I think it may be time for Americans to learn both to spell and pronounce lèse-majesté.
(Francophone friends, did I get it right?

Posted by: DeAnander | Oct 13 2004 0:48 utc | 25

Oh yea, it's the man.

Posted by: anna missed | Oct 13 2004 1:00 utc | 26>Sy Hersh on why it may not be appropriate to call Bush a "liar".>Wm Rivers Pitt on activism and heartbreak:

Shame on this administration for exploiting our fears after September 11 in order to get this war. Shame on them for lying to us all, day after day, for all this time. Shame on them for refusing to admit, even today, that we have embarked upon a disastrous course. Shame on every company which barnstormed to profit from this war by way of our tax dollars. Shame on our 'journalists,' who failed completely to report the truth that has been lying fallow since July of 2002 and before.
. . .
As for myself, I am almost bereft of words. I have spent every day of the last two years working against the invasion, the occupation, and the lies that rode shotgun . I have met the soldiers forced to fight it, now returned home with their trust in the commander-in-chief gutted. I have met the mothers and fathers, the sons and daughters, the brothers and sisters, the wives and husbands of the dead and wounded. I have felt their tears on my shoulder, and I have read their anguished words in letters and emails beyond counting. I have borne bloody witness to this horror, and it has left me scarred.

This is more or less how that pic of Gollum/Bush really makes me feel ... shamed -- and bereft of words.

Posted by: DeAnander | Oct 13 2004 2:25 utc | 27

"This is Balok! The destruction of your democracy has been delayed until we have proof of your corbomite device!"

Posted by: OkieByAccident | Oct 13 2004 3:44 utc | 28

Wow DeAnander.

Those links are about as powerful a one-two punch to the guts of Bush's America as you are going to find.

It just leaves one speechless...

Posted by: koreyel | Oct 13 2004 5:10 utc | 29

Verified Voter Registration Fraud in Colorado

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 13 2004 6:34 utc | 30

"I don't like that essay!!!"

Bush is coming to Medford, Oregon Thursday. John Edwards is here Wednesday morning.
Edwards' visit is already sold out. There are tickets available for Bush, even though his visit was planned in advance. This is in republican-leaning rural southern Oregon.

Copied from DailyKos

I tried to get tickets to both events. Edwards was sold out, but I could still get them for Bush, provided I:

1. was a registered republican

2. wrote an essay about why he should be president

3. promise to support him

Posted by: Fran | Oct 13 2004 6:46 utc | 31

Gee, Karl, not so sure that elephant on the package meant it was a GOP suppository!

Posted by: Serf in USA | Oct 13 2004 19:13 utc | 32

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