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October 10, 2004

Kudos to the General

Blogger Gen. JC Christian, Patriot has achieved an ultimate prize.

Campaign and Elections Magazine, The magazine covering the business and trends of politcs, has listed him as Republican / Anti-Kerry in their Political Blog Directory

Highly conservative and anti-liberal, the blog discusses religious aspects of the campaigns and issues involved.

It is extremly difficult to be named in this category. So far neither the hard trying Free Republic nor the well financed Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal have achieved the Republican / Anti-Kerry glory. They were evaluated to fit only the lesser category of Non Partisan.

On Real Clear Politics, Campaign Magazine writes, This blog was credentialed at the Republican Convention. Even that has not done it. The blog is still down as Non Partisan. The General really did beat them all. Such are the business and trends in politics.

Please help the General to continue his fight for a less French republic. Buy one of his Bush campaign t-shirts and give him your vote in the Washington Post Best Blogs - Politics and Elections contest. The sanctified General challenges the National Review in the Best Republican Party Coverage category. Your vote will help to achieve the Lord's will.

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I am glad you put this here B, it speaks volumes about how difficult it is to be sarcastic in these forums.

This is probably the funniest thing I have ever seen and very telling of the natural curiosity of many people, or rather lack of curiosity.

I have sent pages from the Onion to conservative friends and they almost always agree with article and never guess they are being played. This is the other 50% of the US populace. You should be afraid, very afraid.

Posted by: Dan of Steele | Oct 10 2004 14:38 utc | 1

Jibjab again..

Posted by: Uncle $cam | Oct 10 2004 16:13 utc | 2

What a kick! This is right in tune with Alabama's question about Bush supporters and "badness"... and some other things mentioned by DeAnander concerning perception, cognitive dissonance and such. The ability to perceive satire, certainly a function of both neurology and psychology... training and conditioning...

Posted by: Kate_Storm | Oct 10 2004 16:21 utc | 3

i thought patriotboy was a joke, a legpuller. could somebody tell me for certain whether he is for real or not ? thanks.

Posted by: name | Oct 10 2004 17:11 utc | 4

Surely Campaign and Election Magazine is a satirical rag itself, right?

B, you should put a diary on dKos on this (also a useful reference for our other discussion).

Posted by: Jérôme | Oct 10 2004 18:13 utc | 5

I don't think Campaigns and Elections is a parody website - I read several of the articles, and it seems quite serious and geared towards political junkies and party apparatchiks. There's gonna be some red faces over at C&E soon, when they actually read some of General Christian's posts and take a look at his dashing Bush-Pinochet '04 fashions. Way to go, General, you've tweaked the establishment! Almost as good as the time you tossed the money-changers out of that temple.

Posted by: Harrow | Oct 10 2004 21:24 utc | 6

And so the Republicans have outdone themselves, in their neverending quest to define and to redefine the one true meaning of what it is to be SQUARE.

& it goes to show these people will believe ANYTHING, surrender to ANYONE, and follow them ANYWHERE, with the promise that it's GODS WILL.

will now let loose one primal scream out the back door

Posted by: anna missed | Oct 10 2004 21:31 utc | 7

Well, that's truly terrifying! I've always thought that the General was so over the top that NO ONE could possibly be confused. But then again, he has managed to actually get serious replys to some of the letters he sends out.

People are NUTS!!!

Posted by: sukabi | Oct 10 2004 22:40 utc | 8

Congratulations to General J.C. Patriot, and your friend and spokes-diety "Republican Jesus" as well!

Who says "you can't make this shit up"?

Patriotboy makes such good shit up that even wingnut shitheads can't tell the difference!

Posted by: glenstonecottage | Oct 10 2004 22:48 utc | 9

The General is nuts.

Uncle $cam, that JIBJAB is a whoot. Thats great stuff.

Its always nice to step back and have a laugh.

Posted by: jdp | Oct 10 2004 22:55 utc | 10

The General's blog is a daily read for me. I'm constantly staggered that "some" don't know that he's skewering wingers every day. Soma, you think?

Posted by: Kate_Storm | Oct 11 2004 19:14 utc | 11

Hate to tell you this - yesterday, he was moved to satire, and today he's no longer listed on the site.

Ah, fleeting fame.

Posted by: fatbear | Oct 12 2004 14:53 utc | 12

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