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June 30, 2004


Some 20 years of programming, system design and managing did teach me "Keep it simple stupid". So already experiencing withdrawal syndromes, I decided to just make a typepad site to keep comments going . If it´s accepted - fine, if not - so what.

Next steps to take:
- get domain name
- have domain name redirected to
- upgrade typepad account
- create better template/css
- organize for co-authers who are willing to post here to open a new thread, whenever Billmon updates his site.
- check comments to find the degree of moderation thats needed
- organize moderation if needed

As some have experienced, my grammar and spelling is not good. Please feel free to correct me.

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This is very much what I had in mind when I said that what was needed was something simple for the beginning. (I even cancelled the KISS-acronym from my post, forgot why.) For the time being, the familiar design (nice copy) should help us to get over the withdrawal symptoms with some new discussions; everything else can come later.
What do Outraged, Tripsarecopsem and Jérôme say?And what about the moderating bit? Do you need any Euros to maintain this, Bernhard?

"Ausgezeichnet, Herr K." ;-)

Posted by: teuton | Jun 30 2004 14:39 utc | 1

No €/$ needed so far. If this gets going and takes more than some tenth, I´ll ask around. Any problems so far? Design flaws (I don´t have HTML access to the templates yet)?

Posted by: Bernhard | Jun 30 2004 15:55 utc | 2

Looks good to me, Bernhard. Thanks for the work.

Posted by: SusanG | Jun 30 2004 16:37 utc | 3

Berhard, I got your e-mail and URL to link to this site. I like the look very much. Thanks for your hard work! Even if it it was an unintended slip of the keyboard, I liked your "open a new threat" statement. I like to think that's what we're doing here: opening a new threat to the re-election of GWBush and to the right-wing conservative takeover of the US government and media.

Posted by: Mushinronsha | Jun 30 2004 16:49 utc | 4

Hey Bernard --

I like the look and feel you created -- I hope Billmon isn't creeped out by our, um . . . enthusiasm.


ps: the preview window runs everything together, ignoring paragraph breaks.


[reposted from the Last Call -- Whiskey Annex thread]

Some thoughts on organizing the site . . .

I would suggest cross posting one major entry from other blogs every day, along with an open thread.

Billmon should have top billing, since it is his work that created whatever community that exists here. As much as possible, I'd like to see this evolve into an independent comment thread for Billmon's work -- with other stuff and open threads to fill in the gaps.

Beyond that, I think Meteor Blades would be a good senior moderator, because of his work at dKos.

I would also nominate Paradox and Pessimist from -- in fact, the entire LeftCoaster team produce work that is worthy of cross posting. Diary entries from dKos could be considered, as well as original material by anyone in this group.

My favorite name at the moment is Whiskey Bar After Hours. I like the continuity it offers, and I think it is wise to choose something that plays off the Brecht quote and the 'free thinking in a dirty glass' trademark.

I dunno -- my two cents . . .

Posted by: ck | Jun 30 2004 16:57 utc | 5

Looks Good Bernard.

I'm going to check things out a bit

Posted by: FlASHHARRY | Jun 30 2004 17:31 utc | 6

opening a new threat to the re-election of GWBush and to the right-wing conservative takeover of the US government and media.

I like that a lot.

Feels like Somewhere near is just around the corner. Definitely in the same neighborhood.

Many, many thanks Bernhard, and everyone else who is helping this happen. Best community of ....holics I’ve ever hung around and imbibed with.

Posted by: Juannie | Jun 30 2004 17:48 utc | 7

Glückwunsch Bernhard:
this site looks nice. But I do hope you and Jérôme can find a commen solution. Otherwise it will be very stressfull for the visitors jumping from one site to the other.

Posted by: Fran | Jun 30 2004 17:48 utc | 8


Can you post a link to the evolving Annex/Speakasy? At least so we can bounce back and forth a little easier?

Posted by: SusanG | Jun 30 2004 17:50 utc | 9



Posted by: Bernhard | Jun 30 2004 18:51 utc | 10


Posted by: SusanG | Jun 30 2004 18:58 utc | 11

amazing stuff, my personal info showed up in the boxes....must be sharing cookies from the Whiskey Bar.

trying a bold italics blockquote

everything seems to be working just fine. Bravo!

another site I just stumbled across

Posted by: Dan of Steele | Jun 30 2004 19:52 utc | 12

Jerome and Bernard:

The finest work on short notice I have ever seen.

Thanks for caring so much.

I am awed and speechless.

That sure don't happen to me very often.

Posted by: FlASHHARRY | Jul 1 2004 0:47 utc | 13

beautiful work bernhard but i warn against mirroring billmons site

to honour is to not engage in reification


still steel

Posted by: remembereringiap | Jul 1 2004 1:03 utc | 14

Hello, my friend. (and you other friends)
I don't believe it is a case for reification, imho more of a case for lessening of the emotional shock of loss, the losing of the familiarity
of posting at the "bar".Btw,read
Alvin Toffler's "Future Shock"

Posted by: Possum | Jul 1 2004 6:07 utc | 15

Step 1 is done:

For if we don´t find the next Whiskey Bar...

Billmon cites the Alabama Song on his site. The chorus of that song goes:

Oh, moon of Alabama
We now must say good-bye
We've lost our good old mamma
And must have whisky
Oh, you know why.

As this site may be a kind of chorus to Billmons pieces, "Moon of Alabama" looked like an appropriate name. As name extension only ".org" is appropriate for something that is to become a group effort. So today I did reserve the domain name and will map it to this site as soon as the DNS has propagated. The site will then be reachable as .

Here is the full text of the Alabama Song

Posted by: Bernhard | Jul 1 2004 11:51 utc | 16

Ghostly voice calling through the ether

@ Bernhard

I am meeting, for the first time, a problem accessing the site. Under the 'new' name and url I have never previously had difficulty and but for the fact that I had also saved a 'Somewhere near a Whiskey Bar' link I could not be here. And although I have got through to this page I cannot access 'Main'.

I am sure that there are worse fates than being trapped and 'Kissed' for all time but I would like to join in with everyone else if that is possible.

Shukran jaziilan,

Posted by: Helpful Spook | Jul 6 2004 7:44 utc | 17

@ helpful spook

I have the same problems without having changed anything. I did alarm the Typepad staff and hope they can help.


Posted by: Bernhard | Jul 6 2004 8:03 utc | 18

Mish mushkilla ya Bernhard, no problem.

Teething troubles never killed anyone yet so I will be patient and return from time to time to see if the doors are open again.

Good luck and do not let a small setback cause you grief.

Posted by: Helpful Spook | Jul 6 2004 8:34 utc | 19

@ h spook
some things point to problems at the name service provider for the name. I have alarmed them too.

Posted by: Bernhard | Jul 6 2004 8:53 utc | 20


Posted by: b | Aug 16 2004 11:54 utc | 21

Test Accomplished

Posted by: | Aug 16 2004 12:29 utc | 22

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