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broadly spread pattern of corrupt practices and misbehaviour and total absence of honesty and integrity, it is obvious that those problems that are coming out are only the tip of the iceberg - 10% visible, 90% still covered up. BM @ 18 =
fantastic question.. but a 200 trillion dollar contract might do..// start the press..
snake there isnt much democracy to protect in the u.s., glad to help out. the pentagon prioritizes protecting the war racket. see smedley butler and the businessmans plot.
I still hope our long nightmare in the US will dissolve itself somehow. by: juliania @ 66 =The declaration of independence supports your wish but the US Constitution spells out a document designed to deny its success. Thank you for revea
When I first moved to a town in Northern Australia, a big scandal that had been brewing for months reached a crescendo in the courts. The town dog catcher a city council employee had been charged with assaulting a drug squad detective. The
You have to look at the source and evaluate its credibility. by: S @ 27 =Well not really, you have to get sufficient independent facts to verify the story.. General Powell farted on the world with his WMDs deception. .yet no source coul
= I agree the Iranians probably did not shoot down the 737.. Posted by: snake | Jan 15 2020 3:42 utc | 121 Snake, you may be right. There is more than one inadvertent admission in this article: “If you want to know my opinion, it is the
There has to be an answer.. that is not war or decimation of more humanity. Posted by: snake | Jan 15 2020 14:26 utc | 155 One lesson from history is that it is important that those big shots just beneath the ultimate societal power be hel
The EU cannot lead in anything - it is a completely owned and operated US tool. It is a big zero in providing humanity any help with the big problem of our time: the indispensable and exceptional supremacist US. by: AriusArmenian @ 15 evi
Juliania, Karlof1, and Perter AU1 and Snake Good article on this topic in Off-Guardian on the real powers, the non-nation state powers, and the next World War.