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While the last act of the Novichok drama, the seasonally appropriate resurrection of the Skripals, proceeds, some additional details of the history of Novichok nerve agents come to light. Details on Novichok nerve agents were published in
Yesterday the British news agency Reuters published a hostage video and a statement of Yulia Skripal: [Miss] Skripal was speaking from a secret location in London as she is under the protection of the British state. She was discharged from
Robert Lindsay on Open Thread 2020-103
@38 Arch Bungle: The Novichok narrative falls apart because he got poisoned by Novichok three separate times. First at the airport in his coffee that he ordered from the snack bar, next from his soft drink which made it into his hotel roo
Did Sergei Skripal dump the perfume bottle? Michael Antony provides the best explanation for how the Nina Ricci box ended up in the charity box. The Alternative Skripal Narrative - Michael Antony, The Saker Blog, February 17, 2019 Let’s
The article is incorrect in stating that the effects of BZ are similar to those of fentanyl or Novichok. They are in fact opposite. Eg. opioids and nerve agents such as saurine and Novichok cause the pupils to dilate, whereas BZ causes them
Full 16 minute interview with head of Porton Down!/link/GIIXEe6Lr My notes / questions- ... it was that team that were able to identify that this was actually a military grade nerve agent, which you can
@ b | Mar 17, 2018 4:55:10 PM | 199 You have completely missed my point, b. Given that there was a poisoning of some sort (and Im not sure there ever was one, myself), but given that there was, it necessarily follows, thus:- This point
somebody@194 - Thats why I said the article was a typical hatchet job. The west/MSM loves to accuse Russia of something it wasnt involved in, then pounce on inconsistencies or incorrect detail as Russian officials awkwardly try to offer ini
By the way, the inventors blundered - the version of what happened was supposed to look like this: experts of White Helmets find a Novichok in Syria at the site of another chemical attack (by analogy with how they found chemical weapons in
Thanks guys, this Navalny Novichok BS keeps getting stupider and stupider. First of all, an FSB agent is so stupid as to answer the phone from someone he doesnt know and has never heard of and spill the beans about the whole plot. Im sure