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Russia had recently said that it would take a more assertive stand against the sanctions and Navalny nonsense the west is throwing at it. Today the EUs foreign policy chief Josep Borrell visited Moscow. He had a talk with Russias Foreign M
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@Posted by: Bemildred | Aug 22 2020 11:59 utc | 160 I did not know he was diabetic, but if you notice, the guy usually wears dark deep eye bags, probably out of chronic undernurturing due to the wish to keep fit in around his
Uncle Tungsten @ 115, Peter AU 1 @ 117: You may both be looking for this Zhurnalisticheskaya Pravda interview with Dmitry Petrovsky: Dmitry Petrovsky: Charite Clinic shows amateurism in conclusions on Navalny What they found in Navalny ch
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Here is an interesting development in the saga of Alexei Navalny since he became The Human Headline in October last year. It concerns how the information about GRU agents tailing him was apparently obtained. Russian policeman under house a
TASS reports: The chief toxicologist of the Omsk region and the Siberian Federal District [of Russia], Alexander Sabaev, said that the poisonous substances, the detection of which in the urine, blood and skin of blogger Alexei Navalny was
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A supplement to Karlof1s post at no 2 This is a report from John Helmer. One part is particularly worth
In 2018 we wrote about: The Integrity Initiative - A Military Intelligence Operation, Disguised As Charity, To Create The Russian Threat. The reporting was based on the British Integrity Initiatives internal files which some anonymous org
Merkel Reiterates That Berlins Reaction to Navalny Case Depends on Russia Merkel is using here the good old logical trap of illusion of free will. Shes transforming a German problem into a Russian problem, thus forcing Russia to shoulder t
Hoarsewhisperer on Open Thread 2020-74
I wonder if Mrs Merkel is sorry she bought into the Navalny version of NATOs anti-Putin Skripalmania plot yet? ABC America and PBS are showing a White Helmets-style video clip of unidentified hands purportedly belonging to members of Team N
arby @233: He was pointing out that if Russia cared to kill Navalny then he would be dead. Yes, of course, but you are misunderstanding the point that librul @230 was making. No matter how Navalny dies now a significant portion of the US a