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The official statement from the Russian Embassy to the UK: The Russians explicitly state that the Swiss specialists found an “A-234 type” nerve agent in the samples, along with the BZ. The “A-234” is
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Porton Down tea? Alexei #Navalny has been receiving treatment at #charitéberlin since last weekend. His condition is stable. There has been some improvement in the symptoms cause
Max Blumenthal has obtained an exclusive, BOMBSHELL intercepted recording of a call between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russian military intelligence head Admiral Igor Kostyukov: Kostyukov: Hello, Mr. President. What I can do you
Librul 38 Idiocrates 58 For all matters skripal visit Not only were Gina Haspels dead ducks not connected to the skripals (She lied and the pic was just a pic). The question should have been…. If the bread fed to the ducks w
Let us imagine that the Skripals, before the intervention of Porton Down/OPCW, had BZ in their blood and no Novichok. Imagine that Porton Down/OPCW adds Novichok to the blood samples and say : Probably there is BZ in the samples. Well, we c
This poisoning is so patently absurd it is painful to discuss, but apparently we must. It is ridiculous to think, even if poisoned, that the Kremlin would be involved, as Navalny was a very dim star who was already falling fast of his own
@ b | Mar 17, 2018 4:55:10 PM | 199 You have completely missed my point, b. Given that there was a poisoning of some sort (and Im not sure there ever was one, myself), but given that there was, it necessarily follows, thus:- This point
somebody@194 - Thats why I said the article was a typical hatchet job. The west/MSM loves to accuse Russia of something it wasnt involved in, then pounce on inconsistencies or incorrect detail as Russian officials awkwardly try to offer ini
Jen + others.... The samples sent to one independent lab, by the OPCW - the one in Switz - name of SPIEZ - in the Skripal affair. Reportedly (and I believe the reports from what I’ve heard …) the lab identified the presence of BZ - which
Pardon me if this was already done. Heres the link to the fully translated meeting at Russias Foreign Ministry over the Skripal Affair from earlier this week roasting UK/US/EU over the coals. An excerpt: In fact, all groundless accusations