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The official statement from the Russian Embassy to the UK: The Russians explicitly state that the Swiss specialists found an “A-234 type” nerve agent in the samples, along with the BZ. The “A-234” is
@99 Inquirer I would simply assume that the whole sampling procedure went correctly and the blood sample of the Skripals was real. Only someone contaminated the sampling site, say the house of Skripal with real Novichok before the OPCW visi
@ b | Mar 17, 2018 4:55:10 PM | 199 You have completely missed my point, b. Given that there was a poisoning of some sort (and Im not sure there ever was one, myself), but given that there was, it necessarily follows, thus:- This point
somebody@194 - Thats why I said the article was a typical hatchet job. The west/MSM loves to accuse Russia of something it wasnt involved in, then pounce on inconsistencies or incorrect detail as Russian officials awkwardly try to offer ini
Jen + others.... The samples sent to one independent lab, by the OPCW - the one in Switz - name of SPIEZ - in the Skripal affair. Reportedly (and I believe the reports from what I’ve heard …) the lab identified the presence of BZ - which
Pardon me if this was already done. Heres the link to the fully translated meeting at Russias Foreign Ministry over the Skripal Affair from earlier this week roasting UK/US/EU over the coals. An excerpt: In fact, all groundless accusations
The statement Russias issued is known as an Aide Memoire, and it is damning. Israel Shamir published an item culled from social media that Don Bacon initially brought attention to and I tried to help along. Given the excellent information
Throughout this whole skripal debacle I think it is fair to say the shining lights for getting at the truth of the matter have been our host B here at MOA, Craig Murray on his blog and some thought provoking input from the offguardian site.
Heres a simple hypothesis: Sergey Skripal was involved with the fabrication of the Steele dossier (we know this). Therefore, he was a risk to the UK government and security services, as well as the US democrats. Quite possibly Skripal sign
By now Steeles credibility is zero. Time to revisit Steeles involvement with the debunked Russia bought the soccer World Champion games, the Litvinenko polonium poisening and the Skripal novichok poisening. The timing of the Skripal matter