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The Navlany-Novichok story now rivals the Epstein-Suicide story for sheer, bald-faced audacity in its challenge to common sense and reality. And both to the same point: the people who rule the world have dispensed with plausibility because
@76 JohninMK Yes, very interesting article on background/history of novichok and the various reasons for keeping it secret. Perhaps most important point to note is the following: Probably all major laboratories that conduct research on po
Later on the development group handed the project off to Professor Leonid Rink for further developments of the substances into binary agents which would make them usable as military weapons. But the Soviet Union broke down and stopped payin
The published OPCW summary only confirms a toxic chemical. It does not even confirm a nerve agent. If the OPCW is being precise in its wording - then, the public and media are doing the work of Boris Johnson and co. in extrapolating to cla
What is this known Russian never agent? Who else manufactures it? Does UK (or could it as a special project)? Particularly, in the lab right down the street? Interesting they allowed the possibility that the gas, if made in Russia, coul
Re 201 If the findings were added to the OPCW database, there would be some documentation. I have tried several searches of the OPCW site. Perhaps I did not use the right search terms, but could not find documentaion. Also this article at R
What can the Society of Chemists do about all the crazy info? A lot for sure, but they won’t… all will want to keep their jobs. Scientists can be paid off, like everyone else.
First Recorded Successful Novichok Synthesis was in 2016 – By Iran, in Cooperation with the OPCW This has always smelled fishy to me. Why Iran? One of the most sanctioned countries in the world is allowed to make nerve agents, supported by
Formerly T-Bear @ 9: Off the top of my head, I recall the OPCW most certainly were involved in testing the Skripals blood samples. At the time the labs the organisation used did the testing, those samples were at least 2 weeks old, by whic
Last pose by Navalny with t-shirt and gloves blue NATO... Navalny fresh as a lettuce after drinking Novichok mineral water. What will be the next photographic pose of this theater actor? I demand the removal of the Kremlin po