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Thanks guys, this Navalny Novichok BS keeps getting stupider and stupider. First of all, an FSB agent is so stupid as to answer the phone from someone he doesnt know and has never heard of and spill the beans about the whole plot. Im sure
@ CJ13: I need some chemistry help-- Lavrovs statement does not help us (me) see any link between known OPCW statements on Salisbury and this new chemical BZ. From what you and others say, BZ does not seem to correspond in any plausible way
@71/84 charles and @80 yeah, right... plausible... hard to know, but entirely plausible.. @128 charles.. thanks... key quote He stressed that there are Russian military officials in Damascus in the Syrian Defense Ministry’s facilities, a
Pardon me if this was already done. Heres the link to the fully translated meeting at Russias Foreign Ministry over the Skripal Affair from earlier this week roasting UK/US/EU over the coals. An excerpt: In fact, all groundless accusations
If the Swiss laboratory got the facts right as presented by Lavrov, many things come out quite naturally, it seems to me. Here is my guess: 1. the Skripals were poisoned with this BZ stuff, not Novichok. Q1: Who did it? 2. Novichok was a
The statement Russias issued is known as an Aide Memoire, and it is damning. Israel Shamir published an item culled from social media that Don Bacon initially brought attention to and I tried to help along. Given the excellent information
What the BZ theory misses is that the OPCW itself showed that novichok is not a real nerve agent but a failed attempt at one. The perfume bottle found by the dumpster diver Rowley was said by OPCW to be straight, neat 100% novichok, yet Ro
When is the Russian Novichok going to turn up in Afghanistan? Posted by: Edward | Feb 11 2021 13:03 utc | 11 Indeed the US accusations of others using Novichok cannot be more suspect. Novichok was produced first by the USSR at the Chemical
Once again we, the hoi polloi, are thought gormless, thickos, totally gullible (unfortunately too many are or more likely dont give a fuck). Novichok - among, if not the, deadliest of poisons has failed again! To kill, I mean. Isnt death by
Let us imagine that the Skripals, before the intervention of Porton Down/OPCW, had BZ in their blood and no Novichok. Imagine that Porton Down/OPCW adds Novichok to the blood samples and say : Probably there is BZ in the samples. Well, we c