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William Kierath on Navalny Gets Skripaled
Last night I emailed the following to a range of people............ Only a fool would think the Kremlin would want to poison Navalny with as claimed ….. NOVICHOK! …… Isn’t it a bit of a “Give-away”? It is so insulting to anyone with half a
HA! Peter, I was just about to post this when you beat me to it.... Peter AU1, come in Peter... Navalny has diabetes and his symptoms as described were consistent with a diabetic shock. The source of bs statement is BNE IntelliNews as
Aha - found MPNs comment @ 12, clicked on the link to Elena Evdokimovas tweets and then clicked on a link she provides and here is another article (from Zhurnalistskaya Pravda) on Dmitri Petrovskys comments about Navalnys treatment in Germa
Piotr Berman on Navalny Gets Skripaled
Wauw b, another coverage of Navalny where you trully show your colours again. Intelligence (orders) are a bitch, aint they? :) Such a simple answers to all your basic questions: - the Skripals are in New Zealand. DYOR ! - the Kremlin cann
@vk #86: Navalny is on parole, which was revoked the moment he fled to Germany. He was then recalled to Russia. Not true. His suspended sentence (not parole) was not “revoked the moment he fled to Germany”. He was given an explicit permis
Is there also a possibility that Navalny may have had gastroenteritis while on the plane? Symptoms include cramping, diarrhoea and vomiting. The water for Navalnys tea could have been a bit dodgy for his body to tolerate. My understanding i
As Patrick Armstrong put it, Now they come right out and tell us they think we’re stupider than pond scum:. You have to give them credit. They try to cover all the bases but end up creating a tangled web of lies. The Novichok is the new, i
From Ekonomika Segodnya: Anastasiya Brotskaya (24 August 2020): Charite suspected of unprofessionalism because of conclusions on Navalny Dmitri Petrovsky, a doctor of medical sciences, a surgeon and deputy of the municipality of Yaroslavl,
On another matter, new proofs about poisoning of Navalny: His team members videotaped how they collected the bottles from his hotel room. They somehow entered the room while it was still not cleaned by hotel staff. There were three bottl
Rowan Berkeley on Open Thread 2013-17
Navalny accused by Prosecutor-Generals office of accepting foreign funding in his Moscow mayoral campaign: According to the Prosecutor-Generals Office, more than 300 named foreign donors and also anonymous donors from 46 countries gave mone