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August 14, 2022

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-130

Only for news & views related to the Ukraine conflict.

The current open thread for other issues is here.

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The MoA Week In Review - (Not Ukraine) OT 2022-129

Last week's posts at Moon of Alabama:

With New Weaponry, Ukraine Is Subtly Shifting Its War Strategy - New York Times
> While the approach has been aided by the long-range Western weapons, it has also been encouraged by Western officials. Mr. Reznikov, Ukraine’s defense minister, said this week that the American and British defense ministers had both offered him a piece of advice: “The Russians use meat-grinder tactics — if you plan to fight them with the same tactics, we will not be able to help you.” <
War Propaganda About Ukraine Starting to Wear Thin - Covert Action Magazine
> Contrary to the best efforts of those that have funded, molded and justified this proxy war the truth has a habit of resurfacing. It will be impossible to “manage” the oncoming tide of reality that will gush out of Ukraine as the western powers refocus on their self-inflicted domestic troubles this winter, Zelensky himself may become the fall guy for the failed NATO escapade in Ukraine. <
Monopolistic nationalisms - Yasha Levine
> Ukrainians started to coming to Canada in the 1890s. Almost all of them came from what is now western Ukraine. They came from the historic regions of eastern Galicia (Halychyna) and Bukovina. These regions were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Few of the immigrants called themselves Ukrainian. As you mentioned, Ukrainian nationalism is a modern phenomenon and while the name Ukraine is ancient, it's only in modern times that it came to be used as the name of a nation. <

Other issues:

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August 13, 2022

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-128

Only for news & views related to the Ukraine conflict.

The current open thread for other issues is here.

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Iran Confirms Drone Sale To Russia - But What Will It Buy In Exchange?

Small birds do not taste well and their small bones makes eating them a fickle. I will have overcome that though as I will now have to eat some crow.

On July 12 Moon of Alabama headlined:

No, Iran Will Not Deliver Armed Drones To Russia

In March this year we were treated to an onslaught of obviously false claims that China would deliver weapons to Russia for the fight in Ukraine.
Now an equally stupid claim was launched by the very same liar who launched the fake Chinese weapons claim.

White House: Iran set to deliver armed drones to Russia - AP - Jul 7, 2022

Russia has absolutely no need to buy drones from Iran. Besides that it is dubious that Iran would be able to deliver some and certainly not 'several hundreds'.
The whole issues is just a talking point designed to put Iran and Russia into the same 'baddies' binder for Biden's talks in the Middle East. The countries there may not like Iran but they will certainly not allow for a condemnation of Russia. The whole idea is, as many others Sullivan had, stupid to begin with.

So no, there will not be any Iranian drones going to Russia or fly over Ukraine.

I, like the other Iran-watch writers I quoted, was wrong.

Elijah J. Magnier, who has excellent contacts within the 'axis of resistance' led by Iran, reports:

Russia buys 1,000 drones from Iran and expands the level of strategic cooperation

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August 12, 2022

Ukraine's Mystic Kherson Offensive Did Not, And Will Not Happen

There has been much talk in 'western' media about a Ukrainian offensive in the southern Kherson region. However most of the claims made about it seem to be divorced from the observable realities on the ground. The detailed look below provides that there is no such offensive and that there is little chance that there will ever be one.

The purported offensive has for months been a core talking point:

Lets look at the map of the Kherson area and how it has changed over time. LiveUAmap, the source used here for these maps, is know to be more in favor of Ukrainian claims than Russian ones. The red parts are held by Russian forces.

This is the Kherson area as depicted on May 13, 2022:

Source LiveUAmap 13.5. - bigger

This is the Kherson area as depicted on May 14, 2022:

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August 11, 2022

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-127

Only for news & views related to the Ukraine conflict.

The current open thread for other issues is here.

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Open (NOT Ukraine) Thread 2022-126

News & views NOT related to the Ukraine conflict ...

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August 10, 2022

How Ukraine Lost Its Riches

On February 24, the day Russian troops crossed the borders to Ukraine, I wrote about the potential end state of the operation:

Looking at this map I believe that the most advantageous end state for Russia would be the creation of a new independent country, call it Novorussiya, on the land east of the Dnieper and south along the coast that holds a majority ethnic Russian population and that, in 1922, had been attached to the Ukraine by Lenin. That state would be politically, culturally and militarily aligned with Russia.


This would eliminate Ukrainian access to the Black Sea and create a land bridge towards the Moldavian breakaway Transnistria which is under Russian protection.

The rest of the Ukraine would be a land confined, mostly agricultural state, disarmed and too poor to be build up to a new threat to Russia anytime soon. Politically it would be dominated by fascists from Galicia which would then become a major problem for the European Union.

On March 19 I revisited the question and added Kryvyi Rih (Kriwoi Rog in Russian), the yellow part of the map, to the list:

Cont. reading: How Ukraine Lost Its Riches

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August 09, 2022

Ukraine Open Thread 2022-125

Only for news & views related to the Ukraine conflict.

Yesterday Russia destroyed a Ukrainian airforce command center:

High-precision long-range air-based missiles have destroyed an active buried command post of AFU Air Force near Voronivtsa, Vinnitsy Region.

Today several explosions took place at the Saki military airport on Crimea. Ukraine claims it attacked the site. There were however no incoming missiles seen or heard.

Russia considers Crimea as its territory. It had threatened to attack 'decision centers' should such attacks on its territory occur.

The current open thread for other issues is here.

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Trump Raid Is Sabotaging The Democrats' Campaign

Over the weekend the Democrats finally passed their rather mediocre $430 billion Inflation Reduction Act, which will not reduce inflation and is mostly about climate related measures and drugs. They hope to profit from it in the November midterm election:

Vulnerable incumbent Democratic senators like Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire and Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada are already planning events promoting the landmark legislation they passed over the weekend. Democratic ad makers are busily preparing a barrage of commercials about it across key battlegrounds. And the White House is set to deploy Cabinet members on a nationwide sales pitch.

The sweeping legislation, covering climate change and prescription drug prices, which came together in the Senate after more than a year of painfully public fits and starts, has kicked off a frenetic 91-day sprint to sell the package by November — and win over an electorate that has grown skeptical of Democratic rule.

But on the very same day the the Justice Department and the FBI handed republicans a huge new rallying point that will significantly increase their election turnout:

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