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March 17, 2017

Which "War Torn" Country? - U.S. Slaughter In Somalia, Yemen And Syria

bigger - original tweet

When I saw the above tweet this morning I wondered which "war torn" country those Somalis were fleeing from when they were murdered. The tweet doesn't say. Were they fleeing from the "war torn" Somalia? Or were the fleeing from "war torn" Yemen?

It is a sad world when has to ponder such.

It tuned out these people were fleeing from both wars:

Coast guard Mohammad Al Alay told Reuters the refugees, carrying official UNHCR documents, were on their way from Yemen to Sudan when they were attacked by an Apache helicopter near the Bab Al Mandeb strait.

An Apache attack helicopter shot up the refugees' boat. There are Saudi, United Emirati and U.S. Apache helicopters in or around Yemen. It is unknown which of them ordered and which executed the strike. These helicopters, their ammunition and the service for them are a favored U.S. export to belligerent dictatorships like Saudi Arabia.

The UN warns that 5 million people in Yemen are only weeks away from starving. The Saudis, the U.S. and the Emirates block all land routes, air ports and the coast of Yemen and no food supplies come through. This is an ongoing huge war crime and literally a genocide. But "western" media seem totally unimpressed. Few, if any, reports on the war on Yemen get published. Never have they so openly displayed their hypocrisy.

Somalia is falling back into an all-out civil war fueled by the decades old unwillingness of the U.S. to condone an independent local unity government. The Islamic Court Union, a unity government created by the Somalis in 2006, was the last working instance of a real Somali state. It had no Jihadist agenda and held down local warlords. It was destroyed by the Bush administration:

A UN cable from June 2006, containing notes of a meeting with senior State Department and US military officials from the Horn of Africa task force, indicates that the United States was aware of the ICU’s diversity, but would “not allow” it to rule Somalia. The United States, according to the notes, intended to “rally with Ethiopia if the ‘Jihadist’ took over.” The cable concluded, “Any Ethiopian action in Somalia would have Washington’s blessing.” Some within the US intelligence community called for dialogue or reconciliation, but their voices were drowned out by hawks determined to overthrow the ICU.

During the last 10 years an on-and-off war is waged in Somalia with the U.S. military interfering whenever peace seems to gain ground. Currently a new round of war is building up. Weapons are streaming into Somalia from Yemen, where the Houthi plunder them from their Saudi invaders:

Jonah Leff, a weapons tracing expert with conflict Armament Research, said many [Somali] pirates had turned to smuggling. They take boatloads of people [from Somalia] to Yemen and return with weapons, he said.

The wars on Somalia and Yemen are the consequences of unscrupulous and incompetent(?) U.S. foreign policy. (Cutting down the size of the U.S. State Department, as the Trump administration now plans to do, is probably the best thing one can do for world peace.)

The U.S. military should be cut down too. It is equally unscrupulous and incompetent.

Last night the U.S. military hit a mosque in Al-Jīnah in Aleppo governate in Syria. It first claimed that the strike, allegedly targeting a large meeting of al-Qaeda, was in Idleb governate. But it turned out to be miles away west of Aleppo. Locals said a mosque was hit, the roof crashed in and more than 40 people were killed during the regular prayer service. More than 120 were injured. The U.S. military said it did not hit the local mosque but a building on the other side of the small plaza.

The U.S. maps and intelligence were not up-to-date. A new, bigger mosque had been build some years ago opposite of the old mosque. The old mosque was indeed not hit. The new one was destroyed while some 200 people were in attendance. Eight hellfire missiles launched from two Reaper drones were fired at it and a 500lb bomb was then dropped on top to make sure that no one escaped alive. Al-Qaeda fighters were indeed "meeting" at that place - five times a day and together with the locals they have pressed by force to attend the Quran proscribed prayers.

Had the Russian or Syrian army committed the strike the "western" outcry would have been great. For days the media would have provide gruesome photos and stories. The U.S. ambassador at the UN would have spewed fire and brimstone. But this intelligence screw-up happened on the U.S. side. There will now be some mealymouthed explanations and an official military investigation that will find no fault and will have no consequences.

Amid this sorry incident it was amusing to see the propaganda entities the U.S. had created to blame the Syrian government turning against itself. The MI6 operated SOHR was the first to come out with a high death count. The al-Qaeda aligned, U.S./UK financed "White Helmets" rescuers made a quick photo session pretending to dig out the dead. The sectarian al-Qaeda video propagandist Bilal Abdul Kareem, which the New York Times recently portrait in a positive light, provided damning video and accusing comments. The amateur NATO researchers at Bellingcat published what they had gleaned from maps, photos and videos other people created. The NATO think tank, which defended al-Qaeda's invasion of Idleb, will shed crocodile tears.

Each new lie and obfuscation the U.S. Central Command in the Middle East put out throughout the day was immediately debunked by the horde of U.S. financed al-Qaeda propaganda supporters. This blowback from the "information operation" against Syria will likely have consequences for future U.S. operations.

In another operation last night the Israeli air force attacked Syrian forces near Palmyra which were operating against ISIS. The Israeli fighters were chased away when the Syrians fired air defense missiles. This was an Israeli attempt to stretch the "rules of operation" it had negotiated with the Russian military in Syria. The Russians, which control the Syrian air space, had allowed Israel to hit Hizbullah weapon transports on their way to Lebanon. Attacks on any force operating against Jihadis in Syria are taboo. The Russian government summoned the Israeli ambassador. Netanyahoo broke the rules. He will now have to bear the consequences.

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lol, By the time of Internet 5.0, all threads will be about Hitler and quantum radar. Actually, anytime we hear of shots fired followed by a scarcity of information, rampant speculation becomes the norm.

*Goes back to watching s350 p0rn*

Posted by: Wwinsti | Mar 19, 2017 2:25:55 AM | 102

I was wondering if Israeli behavior post missile exchange would hint at whether or not IDF fighters had actually been shot down.

Judge for yourselves:

Lieberman: "If Syria targets our aircraft again, we'll destroy its air defense",7340,L-4937427,00.html

Posted by: Wwinsti | Mar 19, 2017 6:40:40 AM | 103

Yemeni long-range missile hit Saudi military base near Riyadh: army

The Yemeni missile strike came just 24 hours after the Saudi Air Force attacked a Somali refugee boat off the coast of Yemen, killing at least 42 people in the process.

... so amn asserts it was a saudi, and not a us or uae apache that killed the - now reported - 42 somalis. might be right.

the news reports of the yemeni strike at southfront ...
Yemeni Missile Hit King Salman Airbase Near Saudi Capital – Media

Houthi forces reportedly used the Borkan-2 (Volcano-2) ballistic missile. It is said that the Borkan-2 has a range of 1400 km and is equipped with an interception avoiding smart warhead.

... and at press-tv ...
Yemeni ballistic missile strikes air base in Saudi capital: Report

The missile of Borkan-2 type accurately struck King Salman Air Base on Saturday, Arabic-language al-Masirah television network reported.

... but essentially just someone's assertion, no proof, echoed by these two media.

Posted by: jfl | Mar 19, 2017 7:10:32 AM | 104

Jackrabbit 73

' Those that are hyper-critical of Trump and Putin are aligned with the neocon faction (though they will vehemently deny that they are).'

Is moa withering ?
the comments seem to be drying up, the insightful posters are staying away, while the most active posters like JR post craps like above !

Posted by: denk | Mar 19, 2017 9:22:44 AM | 105

YNetnews is turning out to be a terribly biased source, still they were first with the Israeli defense minister threats, so here goes a report about the Syrian response to that threat.,7340,L-4937538,00.html

Posted by: Wwinsti | Mar 19, 2017 11:30:54 AM | 107

not the governmental line, some thoughts on the current situation in syria (in french)

Posted by: Mina | Mar 19, 2017 11:47:10 AM | 108

denk @104

I'm not sure what you are complaining about. Is it that you don't think there is an effort to discredit and dump Trump? Is it that you think all commenters at MoA are pure, good-hearted spirits and their comments should never be questioned? Is it that you think that I'm an Orange Kool-Aid drinking pro-Trump die-hard that wants to shut down criticism (so you read "hyper-criticism" as "criticism")?

"withering?" I don't see it. But this exaggeration fits nicely with your ignoring my 'pox on both their houses' remark:

The Democrats want the Left to waste its time and energy on Trump hate. Look what he did today!!!!

The answer to Trump is building a Movement that is not dependent on the corrupt, complicit Democratic Party.

My suggestion: direct democracy via The Pirate Party.

And Morongobill's comment was a smart use of humor. Certainly not "moronic".

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Mar 19, 2017 11:55:24 AM | 109

Jackrabbit 109

You dont know what am i complaining, ?
thats a laugh !

'trumps critics are aligned with the neocons faction' !

you keep saying you'r not pro trump but you have been rationalising his policies all along.
just the other day you claim that trump is a fierce critic of cia,really ?
did you miss his ode to cia at langley that i posted before. ?
did you miss his lament that the wot failed cuz 'cia has been too restrained' and his subsequent jettison of obama's cosmetic 'rules of engagement to minimise collateral damages', have you noticed the current 'no hold bar' drone and bombing campaigns ?

at another time you was agreeing with trumps' labelling of china as the 'strategic rival'.

these are the things that i can recollect off hand, im not going to waste my time to dig around for more .

neither am i going to engage you in an epic flame war, you seem to enjoy doing that but i dont have the time and interest to entertain you.

from now on you go into my bozo file.
you can have your last words on this, you always insist that dont you !

as for moron,
he seems to be a brand new member here ;-)
shouldnt he at least have some humulity to poke around first and find out whats going on before shooting off his big mouth ?

im not saying there aint any more insightful posters here,
but moron and you are certainly not !
matter of fact you are sounding more and more like moa's resident troll.

i rest my case.

Posted by: denk | Mar 19, 2017 12:29:50 PM | 110

I’m familiar with a long list of USA as perpetual warmonger explanations, descriptions:

A. Colonial past, genocide, slavery, shitty Europeans conquering a ‘virgin’ resource-rich, glorious, quasi-continent. Leading to a fascist state (see rg the lg above.)

B. Hegemony at all and any costs. Using diverse methods of control, financial, intl orgs, etc., often not jack-boots militarised occupation of territory, thus not ‘wildly’ expansionist in some sense…but see ex. Hawaii, Philippines, Germany, etc. Resulting in the funding, co-optation, nay even creation, of various violent proxies, who are controlled, coerced in various ways (Israel, KSA, mujahideen, AlQ in Syria for ex, stay-behind ops, etc.) And/or interference with ‘modern’ color-coded methods, e.g. Arab Spring in Egypt, support for Muslim Brotherhood.

C. The gradual adoption of, or sinking into, a ‘bad’ (blanket adj. because it depends on pov) economic model, which favors expenditure on so-called ‘defense’, better called agression and strangling, leading to MIC-security complex domination and strangle-hold, which then garners yuge power due to systemic feedback. — Trump upping the MIC budget is an ex here: in many ways it is a job program. As is in fact the ‘military’, which gathers in the disaffected / impoverished, maintains a special ‘socialist’ or ‘club-like’ regime for pay offs; entrants who are willing to forfeit their lives, as the ‘price is right.’ — US health care and its intractable problems are another example of ‘bad’, or ‘sadistic’ economy.

D. Cultural, societal aspects, underlying ideology, are not much discussed, thinking about it now, Idk what to write. The Dems, as neo-lib warmongers, provide a striking ex. and if time I’ll get to it.. Christian fundies are also part of the picture…

Overall, it is difficult to meld these A-D points together, the classification not useful.. —???—

Yemen is support for KSA (arms sales. KSA, in per capita terms, is the most yugely armed nation in the World.) Somalia is part of the ‘war on Africa’.. but Russia is the ‘ultimate enemy’..

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 19, 2017 1:04:04 PM | 111

The rate of provocation seems to be increasing. Israel just killed an NDF fighter with a drone strike.

Posted by: Wwinsti | Mar 19, 2017 1:21:12 PM | 112

@ Posted by: Wwinsti | Mar 19, 2017 1:21:12 PM | 112

The reported strike came hours after Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman threatened to destroy Syrian air defense systems, after Israeli aircraft were targeted during a bombing run early Friday morning.

“The next time the Syrians use their air defense systems against our planes we will destroy them without the slightest hesitation,” Liberman said on Israel Radio.

Early Friday morning, Israeli jets hit an arms transfer meant for Hezbollah near Palmyra, with Syrian air defenses firing missiles at the planes.

So, the Rogue Nuclear Proliferation Nation of Israeli Terrorists reserves the right to destroy another nations DEFENSE systems, should they attempt to defend themselves when suffering Unlawful Aggressive Acts of War by Israeli ?

Seems reasonable. /snark

The last quoted sentence is total BS and part of a current 'narrative' ... how & why would the Iranians transport 'arms' for Hezbollah to Palmyra ? From where, going to where ? Checkout the map and military zones of control 2/3 of the way down this link: Israeli plane downed over syria - analysis (Sputnik News)

Posted by: Outraged | Mar 19, 2017 2:39:23 PM | 113

Oh well, soon it wont be Ron Arad Israel will be crying about.

Lets see if both sides walk the walk.

Posted by: Deebo | Mar 19, 2017 4:50:47 PM | 114


The quote that you attribute to me is incorrect. I have to believe that you did that deliberately. I said that hyper-criticism of Trump helped the neocon faction. Such criticism is designed to create an emotional response that turns people's attention away from the utter SUCCESS of the Democratic Party's destruction of the left.

1) I supported Jill Stein until two weeks before the election. I wrote of my support here several times. I switched because I couldn't stomach Hillary's winning. I was glad I did when I saw what happened after the election - including Jill Stein's recount which was transparently pro-Hillary.

2) semojie has been commenting here for a long time. He has a wicked sense of humor.

Posted by: Jackrabbit | Mar 19, 2017 5:29:45 PM | 115

Wonder if the israeli attack is somehow related to the surprise attack on damascus today. ?
Wh busy in idlib... nusra capital.. cant wait to hear french gov radios explain me the benefits of suicide bombings tomorrow.

Posted by: Mina | Mar 19, 2017 5:30:40 PM | 116

Outraged @113--

As you know, most everything the Zionists do is illegal under international law and immoral as well. They must be getting rather nervous, however, while all their avowed enemies capabilities increase, and the realization that they are living on borrowed time increasingly sinks in. I have zero sympathy and only hope they accept their eventual defeat with grace instead of the deceit we know so well.

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 19, 2017 7:39:30 PM | 117

@Hayder 88

Fully agree, esp. on the differentiation of ISIS leadership and foot soldiers. I'm wondering however whether the average fighter gets disillusioned after seeing the reality of war and the 'caliphate' for a while, and would need different reasons to keep fighting, apart from just ideology...

Also, there's former army officers who joined ISIS afaik, and they're mostly in it for the money.
As things stand, the plug is currently being pulled, fuel supply is drying up and the rest of the crazy ones...well, where are they going/ being transferred to?

Posted by: smuks | Mar 19, 2017 9:26:37 PM | 118

@ Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 19, 2017 7:39:30 PM | 117

But, but, they constantly declare the IDF is the most Moral military in the world, and Israel is the only Democracy in the ME ?! They wouldn't LIE, would they ? ;)

Hezbollah decisively defeated the IDF, with the Israelis using everything they had in the 2006 Lebanese invasion. And 11 years later, Hezbollah is now even more capable, better equipped and interwoven into Lebanese society and national resolve across many sectarian divides, not to mention the benefit of rotating commanders and troops through the Syrian conflict to become hardened veterans and a further core cadre.

And the Darwinism of the battlefield will have turned the SAA after 6 years of war into a deadly veteran foe re the Israelis once the war subsides and they can rebuild and regain and then fully exercise their sovereignty. The Israelis have only trained for & fought overwhelming COIN against weak opponents such as Hamas, armed only with light arms & home made mortars & rockets. Hezbollah unequivocally demonstrated that in 2006, and Israel denied to acknowledge the message and carry out the needed reforms.

Would not be surprised if Hezbollah now has the capability to now severely damage Tel Aviv environs (big city targets are easy to hit) with merely mass fire unguided conventional long-range rockets ... the arrival of such 'damage' only would likely result in mass emigration from Israel Colony and collapse their economy, IMHO.

Taking into account other factors, such as demographics and decline of the US Empire, their sole 'bought protector/patron, they're on borrowed time, and well know it, IMHO.

Posted by: Outraged | Mar 19, 2017 10:23:18 PM | 119

Almasdarnews is reporting kalibr missile launches from the Russian naval force in the Mediterranean. The targets were somewhere east of Palmyra. If Israel wants to play airforce for ISIS, maybe there's no reason to give IDF officers the special green bus treatment they received in Allepo.

Posted by: Wwinsti | Mar 20, 2017 2:31:23 AM | 120

So the Syrian ambassador to the UN claims Putin informed the Israeli envoy that Israel's freedom to act in Syria was over. If true, conflict between the two states is likely. He also claims Syrian air defenses were sabotaged in 2011 opposition forces.

Russia has sent a clear message to Israel that the rules of the game have changed in Syria and its freedom to act in Syrian skies is over, Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations said on Sunday night.

Posted by: Wwinsti | Mar 20, 2017 7:53:33 AM | 121

Leader of the Daara chapter White Helmets was killed today with a bumblebee flamethrower.

Posted by: Wwinsti | Mar 20, 2017 8:50:17 AM | 122

Correction to the above,the article says "thermal missile" not the bumblebee flamethrower.

Also of note, Daara is very close to the Israeli border.

Posted by: Wwinsti | Mar 20, 2017 8:58:59 AM | 123

Posted by: Wwinsti | Mar 20, 2017 7:53:33 AM | 121

Will be correct. As I understand it Putin accepts Israel defending itself but not Israel supporting anti-government forces in Palmyra.

There will be an understanding with Iran and Hezbollah, too, on allying in defending the Syrian government but not in attacking Israel.

Posted by: somebody | Mar 20, 2017 9:40:46 AM | 124

Russia has made an agreement with the Kurds to build a base in Afrin.

link to Reuters

Posted by: Wwinsti | Mar 20, 2017 10:39:11 AM | 125

@ Posted by: Wwinsti | Mar 20, 2017 10:39:11 AM | 125

Now that's most interesting link, thanks. Hm, Russian sponsored Syrian-Kurdish YPG training base for 'Modern Weapons' ... Jandaris, WNW of Aleppo, close to the Turkish border ... Jandaris - google maps

Posted by: Outraged | Mar 20, 2017 1:10:21 PM | 126

@ Posted by: Wwinsti | Mar 20, 2017 10:39:11 AM | 125

Now that's most interesting link, thanks. Hm, Russian sponsored Syrian-Kurdish YPG training base for 'Modern Weapons' ... Jandaris, WNW of Aleppo, close to the Turkish border ... Jandaris - google maps

Posted by: Outraged | Mar 20, 2017 1:10:21 PM | 127

@ Outraged,

The Russians are denying the story.

Posted by: Wwinsti | Mar 20, 2017 1:40:48 PM | 128

@ Posted by: Wwinsti | Mar 20, 2017 1:40:48 PM | 128

The Reuters original has been expanded/updated and widely reported by other MSM now ... see the Russian denial/clarification, it is a ceasefire monitoring/observation post in 'Kurdish' claimed territory under the control of Turk-FSA ... YPG is muddying the waters, or Tom Perry in Beirut is fabricating stories, or a bit of both ?

Posted by: Outraged | Mar 20, 2017 8:30:54 PM | 129

Jackrabbit 115

* semojie has been commenting here for a long time. He has a wicked sense of humor.*

as promised, im not going to answer your typical B.S. about trump.

But whats this ?
You'r saying semojie = morongobill ?
in fact i remember it was something like smoothx yesterday !

Do you also know my ip and email address ?

Posted by: denk | Mar 20, 2017 9:54:11 PM | 130

Another massacre in Congo.. and they don't get the B52s?

Posted by: Mina | Mar 21, 2017 5:21:24 AM | 131

@124 somebody, 'allying in defending the Syrian government but not in attacking Israel'

so when are they going to begin defending the syrian government from israel?

Posted by: jfl | Mar 21, 2017 8:02:55 AM | 132

Posted by: jfl | Mar 21, 2017 8:02:55 AM | 132

Seems Russia is busy defending the Syrian government from US/NATO.
The last incident proves the Syrian government is capable of protecting itself if the threat of a full out Israeli attack is taken from the table and I think the Russians have done just that.

I am still not sure this "support ISIS as a counterweight to Hezbollah" was an Israeli idea, nor the Muslim Brotherhood regime change strategy in Egypt and Syria.

The empire of chaos enjoys supporting uprisings to have something to fight against, I don't think Israel does, at least not any more, not in the weak strategic position they are.

I suspect Israel got coopted to the partition of Syria idea by the promise of legalizing the occupation of the Golan.
Netanyahu went to the US and to Moscow for it and he got a no and a njet.

Same with Syrian Kurdistan. The US will not be able do it, not with the YPG being what they are, and Russia will restrict it to negotiating some autonomy within Syria with the Syrian government.

The solutions to the Israeli conflict are on the table - the Arab Peace Plan and the share of the Golan - similary to Egypt's Sinai (that had been negotiated just before the Syrian war "broke out").

The solutions would make Israel economically unviable - at least to a large degree. So they will have to think hard about one state.

Posted by: somebody | Mar 21, 2017 9:27:33 AM | 133

Hassan Nasrallah has made an important speech on the 7th anniversary of the War on Syria, highlighting truths stated at the beginning. And it's not just the Takfiris who need to hear/read his words; the unwitting citizens of the West who helped finance the illegal war against Syria must also heed his message,

Posted by: karlof1 | Mar 21, 2017 11:12:40 AM | 134

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