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February 27, 2017

Al-Qaeda Gets An Oscar

Hollywood is all about fake. That is what movies are - fake depictions of a fake reality that only exist in the mind of scriptwriters, directors and a usually gullible audience. (Disclosure: I do like some movies.)

Hollywood has never been shy of plagiarizing. Every idea, tale of cinematographic trick that made a splash somewhere - and is thereby a potential money generator - will get copied again and again. Every successful make gets a remake. And another one.

In 2015 the promoting host of the Miss Universe franchise "misread" the name of the winner. He announced "Columbia" when the chosen winner was "Philippines". After he few minutes he "corrected" himself. That "mistake" brought a lot of additional media attention - and financial value - to the event owner.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the U.S. marketing and lobby organization of the movie makers, hands out some yearly rewards arranged to promote specific movies or persons in the movie business. The academy award ceremony is a rather boring event but it gets a lot of hype and media attention (and thereby generates lots of advertisement revenue).

To further increase its value this years event plagiarized the idea of the Miss Universe promoters. One of the hosts announced the wrong winning movie for some category and then reversed himself to announce a different "real" winner. It was a "mistake" just as surely as Hollywood's latest movie was a description of real life.

Those without memory went into the desired frenzy, the insiders yawned. "Oh, that clumsy fake again."

One of this years prices went to a fake "documentary" about a fake "rescuer" group which makes and distributes fake videos, staged photos and fake victims of the war on Syria. These al-Qaeda propaganda sidekicks, the White Helmets, are a British disinformation operation that is financed by more than $100 million of U.S. and UK taxpayer money. Its general task is to convince the "western" public that the war on Syria is justified because of the "cruelty of the Syrian government" which the fakes intend to establish in the mind of its consumers.

Hollywood never was shy of taking government money to promote war on this or that country or "enemy". The Pentagon's liaison office in Hollywood finances many movies. If there are some tanks needed and military heroes in a script the Pentagon will organize the props, real tanks and soldiers, at no cost - provided of course that it can read and "correct" the script the way it sees fit. The makers of "Top Gun" need planes, air craft carriers and lots of explosions? No problem at all and at no costs to the producers. In exchange military recruitment staff will wait to trap moviegoers when they leave the theaters. Congress will happily pass the money for more useless planes.

An Academy Award reinforces the message a production carries and gives the people behind the message additional value. The marketing companies that create and run the "White Helmets" will surely receive a few extra millions for yesterday's Oscar promotion.

Hollywood is all fake. The wrong winner is announced and al-Qaeda gets an Oscar. "No harm done," the promoters of such fakes might say.

Except to the people of Syria. For them the destruction and death promoted by the fancy people in Los Angeles is all too real.

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I distinctly remember watching an Oscar ceremony where Sir Laurence Olivier was presenting an award and, with a malicious twinkle in his eye, said the name of the winner before the card was fully out of the envelope and _without looking at it_. This year's "foulup" may have been aimed at restoring some credibility to the choice procedure.

Posted by: Gene Poole | Mar 1, 2017 9:43:19 AM | 101

Curtis@101. The US has been supporting terrorists in Syria for a long time.
"Robert Ford was US Ambassador to Syria when the revolt against Syrian president Assad was launched. He not only was a chief architect of regime change in Syria, but actively worked with rebels to aid their overthrow of the Syrian government.

Ford assured us that those taking up arms to overthrow the Syrian government were simply moderates and democrats seeking to change Syria’s autocratic system. Anyone pointing out the obviously Islamist extremist nature of the rebellion and the foreign funding and backing for the jihadists was written off as an Assad apologist or worse.

Ambassador Ford talked himself blue in the face reassuring us that he was only supporting moderates in Syria. As evidence mounted that the recipients of the largesse doled out by Washington was going to jihadist groups, Ford finally admitted early last year that most of the moderates he backed were fighting alongside ISIS and al-Qaeda. Witness this incredible Twitter exchange with then-ex Ambassador Ford:

Posted by: harrylawh | Mar 1, 2017 10:41:28 AM | 102

I usually visit CNN once or twice a day to see what bullshit they are peddling. The following story they posted was one of the most disgusting things I have seen in a while:

1,500 people, 2 elevators and 500 tons of luggage -- here's how the Saudi king travels

The King of Saudi Arabia certainly knows how to travel in style.

I'm pretty sure most people are aware of their human rights violations, war crimes, and takfiri terrorist sponsorship. I fail to see how this is any different than Robin Leach doing a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with Hitler at his beach resort in Prora.

Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentleman... we are in for a rough landing.

Posted by: Tobin Paz | Mar 1, 2017 1:32:11 PM | 103

> james at 70. all = as far as I could make out.

The locals, Syrian or entrants, WH ‘employees’, on the ground, are paid 150 dollars a month. (This no. is quoted in various places, incl. wiki.) Aprox. half of the lowest pay that ISIS-al Nusra-etc. fighters get, which (afaik) stretches from 250 - 350 tops. (Commanders "earn" more thru rackeetering.)

Most of the WH types do no (or not much?) direct fighting. For ex. they have a women’s brigade, getting dressed up for photo ops and going to meets and maybe turning up here or there…which is how I imagine it…good money. pic:

Fighters, ‘mercenaries’ (ISIS +) often complain of too low pay, or even not being paid (recently), understandable. Contrary to stereotype, many of these men have families, and the pay is needed to support these. Plus, they take huge risks and want some kind of ‘insurance’, though I suppose many are beyond that point.

UN Blue Helmet peace keepers earn imho (hard to say because, see link and obfuscation) about *average* 2,ooo dollars p. month.

Peacekeeping soldiers are paid by their own Governments according to their own national rank and salary scale. Countries volunteering uniformed personnel to peacekeeping operations are reimbursed by the UN at a standard rate, approved by the General Assembly, of a little over US$1,332 per soldier per month.

Follows, Blue Helmets are massively Indian, Pakistani, etc., they are the cheapest, and are generally considered inferior to ‘whites’ and bossed around, and even kept segregated. Almost 100,000 of them deployed all around the world, not trivial, as they have ‘intl backing.’

Top-class USA mercenaries (‘ex-Blackwater’, private cos…) earn about 500 dollars a day.

See the rank in pay, the privatisation, etc. All these ‘proxy’ forces and ‘private’ and ‘intl’ forces are major, yuge players, and little analysed. This aint WW1.

Posted by: Noirette | Mar 1, 2017 2:10:48 PM | 104

Tobin Paz@104. The Saudis want the US to wage war on Iran, and would be willing to align with Israel to do it. Their Wahhabi version of Islam is responsible for fomenting and financing the Syrian war and exporting extremism throughout the world. Instead of cosseting these monsters, they need to be hung from lamp posts.

Posted by: harrylawh | Mar 1, 2017 2:19:27 PM | 105

Palmyra: Syrian forces 'enter' IS-held town

Syrian government forces have entered the ancient city of Palmyra, pushing back militants from so-called Islamic State (IS), activists say.
The troops and their allies, backed by Russian air airstrikes, have reportedly seized part of a neighbourhood in the west of the city.
The jihadists recaptured the Unesco-listed archaeological site in December from government forces.
Parts of the ancient city have been destroyed by the militants.
There were clashes and heavy shelling across the historic city as the offensive unfolded, the UK-based monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.
A media unit run by the allied Lebanese Hezbollah movement said earlier that the pro-government forces had reached the citadel, which sits on a hill overlooking the famous Roman-era ruins.
The Syrian government troops also seized a strategic area known as the "Palmyra triangle", the official Sana news agency reported.

Posted by: okie farmer | Mar 1, 2017 3:35:10 PM | 106
The U.S.-led coalition effort against Islamic State is killing the group's fighters more quickly than it can replace them, a senior British general said on Tuesday, with more than 45,000 killed by coalition air strikes up to August last year.
On Tuesday, U.S.-backed Iraqi forces continued their offensive in Mosul, where several thousand Islamic State (IS) militants, including many who traveled from Western countries to join up, are believed to be based.
"We are killing Daesh at a rate that they simply can't sustain," said Major General Rupert Jones, deputy commander for the Combined Joint Task Force coalition, using an Arabic acronym for Islamic State.
"The enemy cannot sustain the attrition that they are suffering and therefore they lose terrain, they lose battles."
The top American commander in Iraq said earlier this month he believed U.S.-backed forces would recapture Islamic State's two major strongholds - Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq - within the next six months.
Jones said that while the battle would not be over with the fall of Mosul or Raqqa, it would be the beginning of the end.
"The inevitability of their destruction just becomes really a matter of time," he said, adding that the group's leadership was now focused on little more than survival.

The coalition estimates that the number of IS fighters in Iraq and Syria is at its lowest level in more than 2.5 years, with the group having lost 62 percent of the territory it once controlled in Iraq and 30 percent in Syria.
Jones said the number of foreign fighters traveling to join IS had dropped by between 75 and 90 percent, both due to it being harder to get in and out of Iraq and Syria and because the reality of doing so had been exposed as unappealing.

Posted by: okie farmer | Mar 1, 2017 3:54:46 PM | 107

Massive White Helmets Photo Cache Proves Hollywood Gave Oscar to Terrorist Group

Posted by: Liam | Mar 1, 2017 11:15:27 PM | 108

"The original video has the logo of Aleppo Media Center (AMC) which was created by the Syrian Expatriates Organization. Their address on K Street in Washington DC suggests this is yet another Western funded media campaign driven by political objectives.:

It sounds like the Nayirah testimony about babies removed from incubators as a PR scheme by Hill & Knowlton to get US sympathy/support for attacks to get Iraq out of Kuwait.

Posted by: Curtis | Mar 2, 2017 6:23:03 PM | 109

Two mind blowing posts here about 1) the White Helmets terrorist ruse and 2) Snopes weird Wiki editor of the White Helmets :

Massive White Helmets Photo Cache Proves Hollywood Gave Oscar to Terrorist Group

Examining the Bizarre Facebook Page of the Snopes ‘Fact-Checker’ of the White Helmets Terrorist Ruse in Syria

Posted by: Liam | Mar 6, 2017 7:45:30 PM | 110

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