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February 27, 2013

Another Attempt To Smear Hizbullah

There is a weird story making its rounds about a young Swedish-Lebanese man who was arrested in Cyprus while clandestinely monitoring Israeli tourists. The man claims to work for Hizbullah:
He admitted he has been a member of Hezbollah for the last four years, claiming he was working as a member of the political party and not what many call the ‘terrorist’ branch, and although a Muslim, he has never supported fanatical Islam.

According to his testimony, he used the code name Wael and would receive orders from another Hezbollah member called Ayman, although he admitted he had no idea what Ayman looked like as whenever they met he would have his face hidden.

Why would someone working for the political party of Hizbullah work clandestinely?

And how or why would the guy know that he was in contact with Hizbullah at all? Because some masked guy called Ayman told him so?

Like the false "Hizbullah bombed Israeli tourists in Bulgaria" fairy tale this story stinks.

But we might find out who is behind it when we analyze what this story, like the Bulgaria story, is used for:

At issue, analysts say, is not only Yaakoub’s guilt or innocence but also the broader question of whether Cyprus and other European Union countries will take a harsher attitude toward Hezbollah. While the United States designed the organization as a terrorist group, the E.U. continues to view it as a political party.

U.S. officials said they hope evidence linking the attack in Bulgaria and Yaakoub’s plotting to Hezbollah will persuade the Europeans to move against the group and restrict its movements and fundraising.

For the Americans, time is important. Current and former U.S. counterterrorism officials said Hezbollah’s ambitions and reach have expanded in the past two years, coinciding with tougher sanctions on Iran. At least a dozen plots linked to the group or Iran have been foiled, including botched bombing attempts in India, Thailand, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kenya.

Despite the claim of "evidence linking the attack in Bulgaria" there is none. Despite pressure from the U.S. the Bulgarian authorities only claimed that the Hizbullah thesis is a "reasonable assumption."

The U.S. and Israel want to frame Hizbullah to get the European Union to declare it a terrorist group.

Does anyone really believe that Hizbullah, which proved to be better than the Israeli army in the 2006 war, is so incompetent that it botches bombing attempts in at least six countries? Is Hizbullah so incompetent that it uses a masked man, who then openly claims to be Hizbullah, to control some incompetent naive?

No, this story does not pass the smell test.

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By the way, have the "Europeans" finally figured which shameless 'son of a terrorists' was behind the killing of PKK affiliates in the middle of Paris?
They so quickly find the Iranian/Hezbollah plots... They never fail to foil the plot and get to the bottom of all Iranian/Hezbollahi intricate plans in a fraction of a second. They still have not been able to figure out who killed the three PKK affiliated women in Paris?

Posted by: pirouz_2 | Feb 27, 2013 10:18:16 AM | 1

You can add the "terrorist cell in Nigeria" to the list of suspicious stories as well.

Posted by: Bill | Feb 27, 2013 10:33:39 AM | 2

As expected, no deal was reached in latest rounds of talks between Iran and P5+1, with both sides agreeing to keep talking. But there's an air of optimism surrounding Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Though the exact content within the newly made proposals, provided by the P5+1 and given to Iran, hasn't been disclosed to the media and is mostly secretive, apparently shutting down the enrichment plant in Frodow is not a requirement anymore, if the afterwords from Iran's negotiator are to be believed:

In his statements to the media, Jalili said the six-nation diplomatic bloc had not requested the closure of Fordo in Almaty.

"There is no justification for its closure, and they did not ask so," Jalili said, speaking through an interpreter.

An honest concession by the west side of P5+1, in an attempt to actually reach a diplomatic solution? Or just a face-saving ruse before the bombs are dropped on Iran?

Posted by: never mind | Feb 27, 2013 11:14:21 AM | 3

Israel desperately wants the USA or NATO to attack Hezbollah for them. The Syrian-Hezbollah friendship is one of the main reasons the zionists organised the current war criminal aggression against Syria. With Hezbollah still in place, "greater" Israel cant gain lebensraum in Lebanon and steal their water and other resources.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 27, 2013 12:02:45 PM | 4

Fortunately, it does not need to pass the smell test, it just needs to be repeated ad nauseum and it will become fact... Really quite amazing

Posted by: OAB | Feb 27, 2013 12:38:26 PM | 5

How anyone can give credence to anything spewed by the serial(Syrial)liars(since 1948)is beyond my comprehension.But here we are,living Orwell every day as America lies like rugs,but are protected by the Ziomedia,all to protect those thugs in Israel.Simply Amazing.

Posted by: dahoit | Feb 27, 2013 2:25:19 PM | 6

Bot Tak is correct, Cheney/Murdoch behind Genie in the Golan Heights while Syria is otherwise engaged. They're going to drill, drill, drill

Another story that is a bit fishy - Canadian with the UN missing from Golan Heights

Posted by: TikTok | Feb 27, 2013 2:50:46 PM | 7

"With Hezbollah still in place, "greater" Israel cant gain lebensraum in Lebanon and steal their water and other resources..."

True but, more important, is Hezbollah's example as an indigenous resistance movement relying on nobody but the people. So long as Hezbollah retains the ability to defend its self and deter aggressors it is all the things that the Empire fears most: community, collective action, society, co-operation, self-respect, a refusal to be intimidated.

Hezbollah exemplifies Napoleon's maxim that the moral is to the material as seven is to one: all the oil in Arabia is nothing in comparison with the example of a community which refuses to be beaten and knows how to fight back. It is an example as relevant in Greece or Spain as in Iraq or the Levant. If the poor downtrodden shi'ite peasantry of south Lebanon can defend themselves then so can the people of Dublin, the unemployed of Ohio and the dispossessed small holders of Paraguay.

Who will save us? Ourselves alone.

Posted by: bevin | Feb 27, 2013 3:28:38 PM | 8

Smearing others is a specialty by Israel-America. Remember this con job they pulled with the help of their "British" toadies?

Litvinenko case increasingly murky

"The London court looking into the case of the poisoned ex-KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko has granted a Foreign Office request to keep some of the details of the case secret for ‘national security reasons.’ Justice Robert Owen also said he reserves the right to close Litvinenko hearings in the future.

It’s anyone’s guess exactly what is being hushed up. Many believe it is Litvinenko’s ties with MI6. Others suspect it is forensic conclusions that Russian services could not have been involved in Litvinenko’s poisoning.

Dr Yelena Ananyeva is an expert at the British Studies Centre of the Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

"Russia and Britain are not the only parties in this conundrum. Spain may also have been involved. There is some evidence that Litvinenko supplied information to the Spanish intelligence service. Under Britain’s Official Secrets Act, classified information can only be released into the public domain after 30 years. We have to wait."

In Russia, many officials and observers believe that Mr Litvinenko was eliminated by Boris Berezovsky after he tried to blackmail the fugitive tycoon and his employer and paymaster for more money. Others say the killing was a well-planned provocation intended to give Russia a bad name."

Posted by: вот так | Feb 27, 2013 3:38:59 PM | 9

bevin - 8

Thanks for pointing that out. I agree, that probably is a stronger reason the fascists, zionist, and otherwise, are out to destroy Hezbollah.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 27, 2013 3:42:30 PM | 10

Ah, bevin, reading your comment I found myself the tune of "Do You Hear the People Singing," from Les Miz, runninng through my brain.

Then, came the follow on thought, of how do we get people to organize, the give up what little they have to fight for fairness and authentic democratic governance? Or whatever government would work for the people, not the wealthy powerful....

Posted by: jawbone | Feb 27, 2013 3:42:49 PM | 11

Jawbone @ 11

"Then, came the follow on thought, of how do we get people to organize, the give up what little they have to fight for fairness and authentic democratic governance?"

Jawbone: You don't need the people to organize a fight
This just makes them a target
You need people to act individually, yet collectively, against the interests of government and corporate tyranny

That is the ONLY sensible recourse for the people

Posted by: Penny | Feb 27, 2013 4:27:29 PM | 12

You have to assume that every news story coming out of the Middle East either originates in Tel Aviv or gets filtered and edited there. Then it gets planted in the New York Zionist Times or some other outlet owned by a Zionist sympathizer.

Posted by: JohnH | Feb 27, 2013 5:21:06 PM | 13

Smear and [mis]direct away. A true picture tells a thousand words.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 27, 2013 7:44:57 PM | 14

Nasrallah: We Insist That Syria Remains Unified and Cohesive

"Secretary General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, refuted the rumors that were spread recently about his health, saying that he decided to speak so that everyone can see and hear that all these rumors are baseless and part of the media war waged on Hezbollah.

In a speech broadcast on al-Manar TV on Wednesday, Nasrallah said "we insist that Syria remains unified and cohesive.. .we do not support its division because this is an Israeli project."

He pointed out that gunmen are waging a massive campaign to seize villages in the border areas between Syria and Lebanon, specifically in al-Qseir and al-Harmel, with the gunmen seeking to displace locals, prompting the locals to bear arms to defend their lands and homes, while gunmen from outside these villages were preventing any attempt at reconciliation.

Nasrallah urged the people of these areas to cut off any attempt by those who seek to incite infighting or strife, adding that the gunmen in these areas are influenced by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and the US.

He refuted allegations by some media outlets who quoted the US Ambassador in Lebanon as saying that Hezbollah and the Syrian government are planning to control a number of villages in al-Qseir countryside as part of a division plan, adding that field data prove otherwise as the fact that armed opposition groups seized villages inhabited by Lebanese citizens and displaced its people, like what happened in the village of Oum al-Damamel.

Nasrallah also refuted reports that the so-called "Free Army" attacked sites belonging to Hezbollah and that a Hezbollah convoy was attacked and its Deputy Secretary General, Sheikh Naim Qassem, was injured."

Posted by: вот так | Feb 27, 2013 7:57:50 PM | 15

@ never mind [#3],

Pepe Escobar has his usual and excellent take on what happens in that particular 'region': News from Kyrzakhstan

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 27, 2013 8:03:06 PM | 16

@ BOT TAK [#15],

[Ken, I'm using my coffee break again, is that still OK?]

Back in 2006, Israel tried so hard to prevent Nasrallah's voice from being heard [TV], to no avail. So, yeah, you can bomb and speak at the sane same time.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 27, 2013 8:06:34 PM | 17

Daniel Rich - 16

"Pepe Escobar has his usual and excellent take on what happens in that particular 'region'"

I was put off reading his writing by his support and propagandising the Israeli-American Libyan war crimes. He was as dishonest as the rest of the R2P promoters. But that piece on "Kyrzakhstan" was great.

Posted by: вот так | Feb 27, 2013 8:15:51 PM | 18

@ BOT TAK [318],

Q: He was as dishonest as the rest of the R2P promoters.

R: I thought he was against it. What did I miss [if at all possible, can you link to something]?

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 27, 2013 8:22:16 PM | 19

Daniel Rich - 19

"I thought he was against it."

Sort of. When the NATO bombs started falling, he said: "Oh no! I didn't mean for my demonising of Qaddafi to facilitate this, oh, no!" He was all supportive of the insurgency in the beginning, repeated the msm propaganda (like the hype about "black mercenaries") and missed no chance to demonise. This one is from the that time.

'Brother' Gaddafi, you're going down

Once NATO got involved, he switched his main thrust then to criticising NATO, but by that time, the demonisation he, and many others on the "left", had already softened the opposition to those war crimes. After all, why object to helping remove the latest "Hitler".

Posted by: вот так | Feb 27, 2013 9:10:15 PM | 20

@ BOT TAK [#20],

Thanks for the link. That sheds a completely different light on Pepe. Good to know. I used to read Juan Cole's blog until he began to applaud the slaughter in Libya as the right thing to do.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 27, 2013 11:57:05 PM | 21

re 1

By the way, have the "Europeans" finally figured which shameless 'son of a terrorists' was behind the killing of PKK affiliates in the middle of Paris?

The reason that the Kurdish murders story has gone quiet is that the word is that it was an inside killing, inter-faction killing between Kurds. As that doesn't play to the Kurdish story of victimhood, nothing more is said.

Posted by: alexno | Feb 28, 2013 2:37:39 AM | 22

@ Alexno [#22],

You're absolutely right.

Posted by: kodlu | Feb 28, 2013 3:58:26 AM | 23

Such a typical set up.
Someone fool this guy to Cyprus, they reveal to identify themselves, they prop this victim up and then arrest him.

Cui bono? Quite obvious which regime that is behind this, for what? Get the Hezbollah labeled as terrorists by the european union.

Posted by: Anonymous | Feb 28, 2013 5:01:48 AM | 24

The conclave to elect the new Pope starts today. My bet is on these 2 to win

Chirstoph Schoenborn: The archbishop of Vienna, an extremely pro Zionist. Many think the Zionist have a hold over him.

Peter Turkson: The head of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, the 64-year-old Ghanaian is an extremely anti Islam and very pro Israel.

If this happens it will be the death of 1 desert religion.

Posted by: hans | Feb 28, 2013 6:03:36 AM | 25

tiktok@ 7 I have a post up on the alleged missing Canadian at my place, curiously two people have showed up to present different narratives on this person

One who claims he went to school with him?
I don't know. The hit did come from Montreal
It's possible
But then it is also possible someone is shoring up a narrative

Daniel @19: Pepe is a gatekeeper, same as all the others like Juan Cole
It does not mean everything he reports on is bogus, it means one has to watch, pay attention to the spin he is putting on his reporting

Bot tak: I tip my hat to you.

Posted by: Penny | Feb 28, 2013 6:52:49 AM | 26

Hans @ 25

regarding the popes....should be interesting
I am going to be putting some stuff up at my place on that

Posted by: Penny | Feb 28, 2013 6:54:06 AM | 27

Any link to provide information along the line that you suggest?

Posted by: Pirouz_2 | Feb 28, 2013 9:17:03 AM | 28

Pepe was pushing the "stolen" 2009 Iran election meme for years. Not sure if he still is.

BTW, it's one thing to be fooled tje first fee days. I was. But its another to keep pushing it for years.

Posted by: Lysander | Feb 28, 2013 10:57:51 AM | 29

@ Lysander/BOT TAK/Penny,

I think it's good to be open minded and maintain a willingness to listen to others. When verifiable facts are presented it might be painful at times, but the truth itself, is harmless.

Posted by: Daniel Rich | Feb 28, 2013 4:39:39 PM | 30

Daniel Rich @ 30

I agree with you completely. It is good to be open minded.
And get info from a wide range of sources
And not get to hung up on 'shooting the messenger'
Having used Pepe's stuff on a few occasions...

But, I would not rely solely on his info/claims
At my place I would find validation from multiple resources.

He is really no different then anyone or any other mainstream media outlet talking head whatever... 'handle with care'

And if he (Pepe) is engaging in spin or perception management using fallacies this too, has to be pointed out

Posted by: Penny | Mar 1, 2013 7:17:10 AM | 31


I did put up some Pope stuff, if you got any of it, feel free to share
at my place..
I somehow think you have more knowledge on these issues then myself
And would be interested to know what's on your mind
There really does seem to be some weird stuff going on

Posted by: Penny | Mar 1, 2013 7:19:20 AM | 32

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