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June 29, 2006

Live And Die With Dignity

IAF aircrafts also attacked a major Gaza City power station after midnight Tuesday, cutting power to much of the area.

Roughtly two-thirds of the Gaza Strip's 1.3 million residents were left without electricity, said Walid Sayel, the executive director of Gaza's power company.

The power outages also effected water supplies as many of the newer multi-story buildings in Gaza are dependent on electrical water pumps. Palestinian engineers said repairs could take six months.
Haaretz coverage

Art. 33. No protected person may be punished for an offence he or she has not personally committed. Collective penalties and likewise all measures of intimidation or of terrorism are prohibited.
Provisions Common to the Territories of the Parties to the Conflict and to Occupied Territories, The Fourth Geneva Convention

On April 20 the Germans attacked a factory area of the ghetto but were forced to retreat yet again when the Jews set off a mine. The Germans cut off the ghetto’s electricity, water and gas but still the Jews did not surrender, using as their motto “LIVE AND DIE WITH DIGNITY”.
The Warsaw Ghetto Revolt and others

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transcript of norman finklestein debating aipac media affairs director (& apologist for war crimes) josh block on today's democracynow

So, at worst, Hamas is being accused of what Israel legalized and routinely does.
..if we're going to look simply at the numbers, we have one hostage on the Palestinian side, and effectively we have about 9,000 on the Israeli side.

Posted by: b real | Jun 29, 2006 12:25:51 PM | 1

fux fux fux fux fux

Posted by: annie | Jun 29, 2006 12:47:17 PM | 2

Slightly OT.

There are almost 1.5 million (1.428 - CIA factbook) people in the Gaza Strip. Half the population is under 15. Life expectancy is around 70 for both sexes, slightly lower than China’s. The birthrate is very high - between 4 and 6 babies born to each woman, the CIA fact book gives 5.78 (est) for 2006, and 40 births / per 1000 pop.

This places the Gaza strip on birth-rate right after some 20 + poor African countries, Afghanistan, Yemen and Djibouti. I have read some articles saying that this birth rate is slipping.

It has one of the highest population densities in the world: 4,000 pp per sq km, my calc.

Two places - one SAR (special administrative regions of China), Macau, and Monaco have about quadruple that density and three other places have higher density (6 or quite a bit more than 4 thousand): another SAR, Hong Kong; Singapore, and Gibraltar.

This makes Gaza special, as those other dense places are dense by immigrant individual choice (Monaco), thru deliberate and successful planning to attract (Singapore), or because of particular economic conditions, history, etc. (Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Macau.) In none of these places are people starving - in all of them people can leave but generally don’t choose to.

The lovely flowered sprinkled gardens guarded by invisible cameras (Monaco), the buzzing high rises of Hong Kong, with its people dashing to buy hamburgers, spicy shrimp, and all that, and the tidy buildings, corridors and sports fields in Singapore cannot be compared with Gaza.

The country with the highest birth rate - Nigeria - has a population density of 140 people per sq. km. Well, they have other problems, I know. Still.

Trying to think of a pithy punch line, words fail me.>wiki>CIA factbk

Posted by: Noisette | Jun 29, 2006 1:11:24 PM | 3

i posted last night late about a reuters article claiming that al-aqsa fired a wmd tipped rocket at southern israel. this worldnet article is the only thing i have been able to find on it today. anyone else seen anything? if true, this is frightening in the ramifications of israeli revenge and how that will reverberate through the middle east and the world. makes me want to climb under the bed and hide.

Posted by: conchita | Jun 29, 2006 1:12:50 PM | 4

conchita do you imagine a bunch of people whose aim day to day is not to be shot, blown up, or bulldozed whilst attempting survival on whatever handouts the SS/IDF let trickle through the 'wall' are really going to be manufacturing wmd?

Or does that tale sound more like a 20 year old home made ultra-lite which due to the mastery of Colin Powell's lack of wit and twisted imagination has become "a remote controlled drone capable of delivering anthrax to mainland US"?

The zionists are desperate to twist any information thereby reducing blowback from what is likely to be the worst act of genocide they have committed thus far.

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1. Chemical weapons are no wmd. Other than in WWI trench warefare under special weather conditions they usually don´t have any "mass" effect. In Tokyo 1995 a massive Sarin attack in confined underground space resulted in only 12 death.

2. Those amateur rockets the palestinians can produce have no targeting system. That's why they usually land harmless on some vegetables. So what would be the use of a "chemical" warhead?

3. What Israel is doing now and is going to do over the next days has been planed before. The palestinians were only made to deliver the trigger for this.

Posted by: b | Jun 29, 2006 5:08:00 PM | 6


Posted by: conchita | Jun 29, 2006 6:51:08 PM | 7

Last night some obscure channel ran a report on the rape of Gaza where the reporter briefly interrupted his standard "firm hand of our Israeli friends compelled to use more force than they would like to by lunatic unreasonable, well animal really, arab terrarists" and point out instead:

"the Israelis are stamping their jackboots down on Gaza to scare the Palestinians into fleeing and leaving the kidnapped kid behind but paradoxically in typical looney arab fashion they are doing the most illogical thing and all the Palestinian people are now even more determined not to hand him over."

Although it seems pennies may be dropping all around judging by this piece from Reuters:

"The United States has privately urged Israel to be careful over its military action, worried that tough moves in Gaza will boost Palestinian support for Hamas and further escalate tensions.

A senior State Department official said today a firm message had been delivered to the Israelis, who overnight arrested Hamas Cabinet members and stepped up pressure to free an Israeli soldier abducted from the Gaza Strip.

Publicly the United States, Israel's staunchest ally, has said Israel has the right to defend itself and actively seek the release of the soldier, while urging restraint on all sides.

But there is a fear among some Bush administration officials that Israel might go too far."
"The Israeli measures might not only affect innocent civilians but could build support for Hamas," said the senior official in an interview with Reuters.

"We have told them to be careful because plainly when you have this kind of military force deployed close to civilian populations there is a very high risk of accidents and I think that can further worsen this crisis."

The United States is also worried about rising tensions following the arrest of dozens of Palestinian cabinet ministers and lawmakers and State Department spokesman Adam Ereli said this raised "particular concerns."

Asked about arrests of Hamas officials and whether President George W Bush endorsed that, White House spokesman Tony Snow replied: "We are going no further than what we've said, which is we are encouraging both sides to practice restraint" ..."

Although no one in Israel ought be peturbed by any of this as the piece goes on to say:
"US officials are also pushing Israel to provide answers on how far it is prepared to go to get the soldier back, but they have not yet been given a clear response."

You would have to hope that those US officials are remembering to tug their forelocks while they ask the Israelis not to slaughter too many people or smash up too much of Gaza with all the tanks and guns n money n bombers n nissiles they were kind enough to take out of US hands.

Anyway in order to make sure the Israelis don't get the wrong impression and think the US isn't playing the game anymore, the US has offloaded responsibility for making sure that Palestine is reduced to blood and rubble by turning reaponsibilty for preventing that over to the stalwart of a caring and honorable community, Hosni Mubarak President of Egypt.

"here has been no US contact with Hamas and Egypt is the go-between with the militant group, which the United States and others refuse to deal with until it renounces violence, recognizes Israel and accepts past agreements between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

"The Egyptians are playing the most important role of any of the outsiders and they are directly in touch with the Israelis and all the Palestinians," said the senior State Department official."

After all if the Israelis blow the beejesus outta the Palestinians that will be the fault of the Palestinians along with gyppo incompetence now won't it.

Posted by: | Jun 30, 2006 7:23:52 AM | 8

Yes Debs. But also the fault of the rest of the world who stands by and wrings their hands and advises caution, avoidance of escalation, pretends to believe in road maps, peace initiatives, conferences, reconciliation, all that; garbles on about the terrible dangers of terrorists...

The EU can now officially be put in the camp of the guilty as well.

So Hamas recognises Israel (or doesn't really do so), none of it will make any difference.

Israeli President Moshe Katzav labelled the document "worthless."
He said: "I think it is ridiculous that murderers of women and children who are sitting in Israeli jails can set up a political move. Where is the responsible Palestinian leadership?">link

Posted by: Noisette | Jun 30, 2006 1:06:00 PM | 9

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