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June 24, 2006


Germany-Sweden - 2:0. Nice game, though ASKOD's milage will probably vary.

I was watching the game at home with open windows. There were two other groups nearby glued to their TV screens, one in a neighbours garden and one on a balkony some fifty yards away.

We all were watching the game "live", but when the first goal did occure, there was a funny effect. About three second after I shouted YEAH!, the neighbour's garden crowd responded with their war cry. Two additional seconds later, the folks on that balkoney started to cheer.

These delayed reactions repeated themselfs with the second goal and with some following near misses.

The delays, I assume, are based on different TV signal we are catching. I am watching on analog cable, the three second delay would be the neighbours digital broadcast receiver, which needs some time to decrypt and decode the digital signal. The additional two second delay for the balkony could be caused by receiving the game through a satellite receiver. They do have a sat-antenna up, so I guess their TV signal took the long space relay way from source to drain.

Funny to see "live" delayed.

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Maybe worth a new thread b, and congrats on the win. PS: I still think your defence will be punished by the Latins.

Anyway here's an excerpt from the above link.

Main Idea

Virtually every major Western leader has over the past several years expressed the view that Islam is a peaceful religion and that those who commit violence in its name are fanatics who misinterpret its tenets. This claim, while widely circulated, rarely attracts serious public examination. Relying primarily on Islam’s own sources, this documentary demonstrates that Islam is a violent, expansionary ideology that seeks the destruction or subjugation of other faiths, cultures, and systems of government.


The documentary consists of original interviews, citations from Islamic texts, Islamic artwork, computer-animated maps, footage of Western leaders, and Islamic television broadcasts. Its tone is sober, methodical, and compelling.

I sniff AIPAC bullshit here.

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Trying new Link and apologies.

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Sorry but on a roll here, I see Quixotic LLC do porn also.

Pimp profits indeed.

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CL sounds like a dangerous hate fest check out this review from nyt reader review

i havent seen the film yet but i can already tell you that this looks to be a very powerful and impactful film! Just reading the synopsis gave me the chills... AND FINALLY, SOMEONE ISNT AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT ABOUT THIS! Why cant we as civilized beings sit down and talk about this intellectually and thoughtfully??? Ill be the first in line when it comes through to Atlanta and i hope it goes everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on getting this film out there!!!

there's more

I saw a documentary on Sunday called What the West Needs to Know About Islam. Probably, it was a one-two-knockout combination to see this film right before Munich. Whatever. God willed it so. The doc has too much talking heads, and too much content, and several moments that are repetitive, and almost zero production design, but still packs a potent experience. I came away confirmed in my suspicion that Islam is an evil religion that is based on fear of women. It tells men that they can assimiliate the "greatness of Allah" - and subsequently Allah's above-reproachness no matter what. Islam validates the barbarian in man, that the love of woman usually keeps in check. It's a bad thing. It is certainly not a peaceful religion, despite the constant drumbeat to the contrary that comes from our politicos and cultural elites. Ask the wives of Islam how peaceful their life is? Islamic "peace" is built on domineering the hell out of women and infidels. And the really bad news is, it seems like Islam is on an inexorable path to all out war with Western Judeo-Christian civilization. It's coming. Just ask Europe. The film makes the point that, in past centuries, the Cross of Christendom was a rallying point to stop the Islamic advance. The battles of Lepanto and Vienna were won as much by prayer and a common creed as by armies. Now that we have pretty much lost our Christian values, around what will the West rally to stop the complete Islamicism of the West? Will Fr. Richard McBrien and his cheering squad lead us to the ramparts? Will America magazine spur us on to the cross? Will Joel Osteen's "Good Life Now" keep us praising through torture and death? "When the Son of Man comes, will He find any faith left on earth?" Hmmmmm.... Anyway, back to the coming global jihad, I think the only hope for us may be alternate fuel sources to stop the flood of cash that is fueling the heart of Islam, or else that communist China will stamp it out...and perhaps much of Christendom too. Communism does offer a creed around which an opposition could be mounted as we have seen. Anyway, if you want one more reason not to sleep very well at night, do try and catch What the West Needs to Know About Islam if it comes to a theater near you. And, oh, you should probably skip the popcorn for this one.

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Argentina v Germany will be a match to watch. If Germany get past the best goal so far in the tourno' well fair play.

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b, at one of the bars I've been watching the matches at, there are two tvs set up. One of them is a good 6 seconds behind the other on the channel the World Cup is being shown on. Bizarre.

My pre-tournament prediction of Argentina or Italy winning the tournament seems quite justified, although Mexico certainly had chances to knock out the Argentines. I live in a very Mexican neighborhood, and after the match, the Mexicans started singing and cheering louder than they did during the match. Bizarre, but understandable - I don't think they expected to beat Argentina, and to lose on that Maxi Rodriguez goal - what can you do but be proud?

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Living ... Delayed
Puget Sound Crush

API - Bellevue
Thursday, 29 June, 2006

They say the Arctic ice shield is melting, parts of
Antarctica are growing grass again, and now in
sleepy Puget Sound, Washington State, global
warming has brought a new problem. Evacuees.

Their numbers are nebulous and hard to define,
but real estate sales tells the story. Seattle is in
it's third year of rebound after the 9/11 dropout,
with housing prices jumping by double digits.
New condo developments are sold out, in some
cases, before a spade touches earth. All over the
verdant green basin of giant fir trees, looking from
above more like Alaska than a Southern California
it's becoming, humongous housing developments
are springing up. And with houses, comes cars.

On Thursday and Friday last week, the end to the
school year for most working teenagers, traffic in
morning and evening commutes became a heart-
stopping freeway parking lot, with normal forty-five
minute commutes taking as long as two hours.

From twenty minutes north of Seattle on last Friday
evening, clear to Dupont, a new planned community
nearly seventy miles to the south, traffic crawled
along at between five and ten miles per hour. But
worse, from Dupont heading northbound, the so-
called reverse commute, traffic sat shimmering in
a the perfect evening sun characteristic of Puget
Sound's dazzling summertime, a silver parking lot.

The future of crush.

Unlike the Bay Area or Atlanta or Los Angeles,
with their network of freeways, Puget Sound has
only Interstate 5 for most of the commute, with
Interstate 405 passing parallel to I-5 to the east
into Bellevue, and Interstate 90 bringing in new
development commuters from the foothills.

"520 is a parking lot," says a helicopter traffic guy.
"I'm not seeing any movement on I-5 below me."

Even those faithful workers who rise at 5AM for
a pre-crush commute found themselves stuck,
and those lucky workers who can skip out at
3PM couldn't even make it onto the on-ramp.
It's now that bad. Global warming on steroids.

Though Governor Christine Gregoire had the
foresight to raise the gas tax, although it was
originally just an attempt to save the bloated
WSDOT system from budget layoffs, instead,
commuters now have the double crush of new
freeway construction, and doubling population.

Will the new gas tax bring relief? Probably not.
Every single bridge over I-5 was built with only
a six-lane span. Adding another lane to help
with the commute would require billions and
billions of taxes, and as long as ten years of
continuous construction to widen the freeway
after rebuilding all the bridge spans.

What will happen to the accumulating new gas
tax revenues in the meantime?

Seattle Mayor Greg Nichol had his eye set on
those new gas tax revenues even before the
State pushed them through without referendum.

Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct, like the infamous
earthquake-collapsed Oakland Freeway, is the
center of attention now for literally hundreds of
millions of dollars in expensive consultant studies.

And their conclusions?

Not to seismically retrofit the viaduct at all!

Instead, Mayor Nichols is pushing his own
version of Boston's "Big Dig", the largest
cost-overrun highway project in US history.

Nichols plans to force the state highway
department to build a colossal tunnel
system, and completely underground the
aging viaduct. What he's not telling the
taxpayers, in fact, he's already shelling
out tax money for fancy renderings of the
porkbarrel project to influence lawmakers,
is that the Seattle waterfront sea wall,
now over one hundred years old and
rotting into wood pulp and steel wool,
is about to collapse.

Unlike the SR-99 Alaskan Way Viaduct,
owned by the State and maintained at
State taxpayer's expense, the Seattle
Sea Wall is very much a local problem.

Local problems result in higher property
taxes for people like Bill Gates and Steve
Ballmer, two of the richest Seattleites in
the world. Property taxes on all those
MicroSoft millionaire Seattle estates.

Hence the Alaskan Way Tunnel Project,
which will suck between $4 billion and
$5 billion out of the State treasury, at a
time when every penny needs to be
spent to widen and traffic control I-5,
as they already do in Rotterdam.

Instead, those monies have been tied
up for two years now, on a tunnel project
that will have no positive effect whatsoever
on the choked I-5 / I-405 corrider, or the
grossly overtrafficked SR520 floating bridge.

Ten years for the tunnel, versus ten years
to fix the commute, versus 1,000,000's of
commuters whose daily travel time just
went from a routine forty-five minutes
each way to two hours, no matter how
they flex their time. Over 1.5 billion hours
lost each year on Puget Sound commutes.

They're building new homes at record levels,
selling new SUV's like hot cakes. Welcome
to the in-your-face future of global warming,
and to pork-barrel tax revenues diversions.

Maybe Mayor Nichols can start a student
welfare program, paid by the interest that's
accumulating on his porkbarrel sea wall
set-aside funds, titheing students to stay
home this summer and off the freeways?

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Obviously, the price of oil is going to have to rise a bit higher before people stop driving around in their stupid SUVs. What does this article have to do with global warming--except that these folk are doing their best to INCREASE it? It is sad to hear Seattle is going to hell--I visited once some years ago and it was very nice--but it is really hard to feel sorry for them.

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I do not watch much sports, but I actually saw this game for social reasons. So I do not care about the result and as you all know "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" and there are many more germans who now will celebrate and look forward to the next game. Actually I am quite pleased with the result as I can hardly stand the nationalistic fervor that grips Sweden every time some athlete wins a medal.

As entertainment I found the last 75 minutes of the game rather dull. The result was settled, but the players played on.

Posted by: A swedish kind of death | Jun 25, 2006 8:01:50 AM | 9

If Switzerland wins tonite I will have a sleepless nite, because of mad hooting partying etc.

Last time, there were problems with the police, as usual. They refused to intervene, and were decked in Swiss flags and hooting themselves...

What was surprising (though not to me) was that in this party atmosphere of unity and triumph people threw over pedestrians on roads and destroyed cars. Many cars. (With bashing not with fire - here people disaprove of ‘the’ French habit.) All the papers ran it as number one story...Somne shops were also smashed, but not stolen from. (That is a long story.)

No deaths. People intervened to save children from violence, or being thrown in the nearest body of deep water... The pols are trembling, every single person has their phone turned on. I had a date. Foggedaboutit.

For the first time Swiss flags have been flown from windows, balconies, cars, offices.

That tradition was a take-up of 9/11 US “patriot” flags, changed to Peace (rainbow) flags posted before the Iraq invasion, and during. Many. All over.

Some still left, frayed and tattered in the wind. Polluted grey. On the balconies of the negligent, drunk, lazy or determined.

Even the Gvmt has come out to say those must be removed.

Posted by: Noisette | Jun 26, 2006 3:09:16 PM | 10

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